Warning For Unrealistic Roulette Games To Play Online

You don’t need to risk real money to test a roulette system. But it makes sense to test in realistic conditions. Proper testing requires roulette spin results with integrity.

If you only play for fun, and don’t risk real money, then you have limitless options. But if you intend to play for real money, follow the advice on this page.

Should You Trust Roulette Flash Games?

Flash is a type of technology from Macromedia. It is still widely used, although not as frequently as previously. Many of the online games you play in your Internet browser use Flash technology.

The problem is usually such games generate winning numbers from your computer. This doesn’t give you a realistic idea of whether or not your system works. A game that is designed for fun doesn’t have the same integrity as a real casino game.

In other words, you can consistently win when real money is not involved. You might be convinced that you’ve beaten roulette, but learn the harsh reality if you start playing for real.

Online casinos still often use Flash technology, although the winning numbers are determined by either a real wheel, or random number generator. The winning numbers are not determined locally on your home PC. It’s a different case if you play a Flash game on your home pc, which is not connected to an online casino.

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How Roulette Number Generators Work

Random number generators determine the winning number in cases where real roulette wheels are not used. If your roulette game is an animation of roulette wheel, instead of a real wheel, it uses a random number generator. In such cases, this isn’t real roulette. It is a slot machine with computer animations like listed at https://www.choiceonlinecasino.com/.

There are two primary types of roulette random number generators:

True Random Number Generator

These types generally have the most secure random number generation. In most cases, they use random radio chatter from space, and convert it to winning numbers. So essentially your roulette system would be attempting to predict random radio waves. You are not likely to achieve any measure of success.

Pseudo Random Number Generator

This is essentially a computer program, which uses an algorithm to determine winning numbers. Knowing the next number is not as simple as knowing the algorithm. This is because the algorithm is only part of the equation. You also need to know the inputs of the equation. In this case, it’s often the time of the computer using the algorithm. And you can’t possibly know this within accuracy of milliseconds. Furthermore, you have no idea when the clock starts or finishes. So it’s almost impossible to know the next winning number.

Free Games From Online Casinos

It makes sense for online casinos to let you test their games. It costs them nothing, and it’s a chance to get you interested in what they have to offer. But the problem with online casinos is many lack oversight from government authorities. In fact the entire Internet is still much like the wild west. See can’t always be sure that casinos are fair. Of course playing only in proper license casinos helps limit your risks. This includes best online casinos usa.

A common problem, especially with unlicensed casinos, is their free game modes don’t give you realistic spins. I recall one particular casino brand brazenly let you win lots of play money. Of course it wasn’t realistic. And every few minutes, a pop-up ad will appear saying it must be your lucky day. It was encouragement to start playing for real money.

It wasn’t the only casino to do this. In fact many still do. So never test your system in “play for fun” modes of online casinos.

Ranked Leaderboard Results

Some of the online roulette simulators list all participants, and their results. The idea is the most successful roulette systems are ranked at the top of the leaderboard. This is often used by scammers to promote roulette systems for sale. What they don’t tell you is almost all online roulette simulators don’t use properly random spin results.

The problem with this is a system that works on these games won’t necessarily work in real casinos. Roulette games that exist only for fun aren’t developed to the same high standards. To give you an idea, the random number generators used in real casinos can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the random number generators used in online games is typically the default software on the server.

So never rely on leaderboard results from online roulette games. They don’t give you an accurate idea of how well the system performs in the real world.

If you are looking for an online roulette simulator with integrity, try the one we have developed at rouletteplayers.org/register. It has the capability of securely using a database of spins. The database can either be from real wheels, or true random number generators. This is why the results of all players combined is an overall loss. This is just like a real casino. Whereas in unrealistic online roulette games, there are certainly a lot of millionaires. And it’s just not realistic

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