Roulette Computers

Roulette computers are hidden electronic devices you use at the roulette wheel to predict where the ball will land. The devices are not new and have been around for decades. The best site that explains exactly how they work is although this page is the simple version.

Demonstration of Prediction Device:

The below video shows a public demonstration of our Uber version roulette computer. It achieves a win rate of 93% when betting 15 numbers, which is a win on almost every spin:

How Roulette Computers Work

A basic roulette computer requires the player to click a hidden button when the wheel’s green zero is at a specific “reference point” such as one of the metal deflectors. The player clicks the button when the zero is at the reference point for the first and second time. This “times” the speed of the wheel (rotor). Next the player clicks the button when the ball is at the same reference point. The clicks continue UNTIL the computer registers that the ball has reached a particular “target” speed. Then the computer calculates how long the ball has left to fall, and what number will be underneath the ball when it falls. Of course the ball will bounce 9 or so pockets, and this difference can be set on the computer to adjust for the bounce, so that more accurate predictions are obtained.

That’s basically it in a nutshell. That’s what a basic roulette computer does, but it is not going to work on most wheels. You can only beat very old wheels this way. If you want to know more about the science behind this approach, see the free visual ballistics video and free course to beat roulette at

Making Your Own Roulette Computer

Anyone can make a simplistic roulette computer. Just pay a budget programmer. It will take them a day or so of programming and testing. But unless you have a time machine to play wheels back in the 80’s, you will be wasting your time. Modern roulette wheels are much more difficult to beat. The guide at explains the major challenges you face in beating modern roulette wheels.

Buying a Roulette Computer

There are numerous roulette computers you can buy. They range from $500 to $80,000, which is quite a range. And keep in mind that buying a roulette computer is no different to buying a roulette system, so most are scams or at the very least, nowhere near as capable as the seller claims.

Below are tips for buying a computer:

  • Never believe what one seller says about the other, or what is published about competitors. Expect competitors to lie their butts off about each other. Of course they may be telling the truth too, but you are going to need to sort through a mountain of garbage to determine what is true or false. And in the end, most of the garbage has no relevance.
  • Focus on what counts: expect sellers to get personal about each other, or to divert your attention from what really matters.
  • Ask the seller to demonstrate how the accuracy of their device is better than traditional visual ballistics, or the typical roulette computer design. And expect them to try and mislead you and take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Don’t let technical talk and big numbers confuse you.
  • See a live demonstration on a modern wheel with realistic characteristics: It is incredibly easy to beat a “suitable” wheel, but the problem is you wont find such wheels in real casinos. Most sellers never give live demos for this reason. You can expect any excuse, to avoid providing a demo that supports their claims about their proiduct.
  • Keep asking the right questions: If you keep asking the right questions, eventually the real truth comes out whether you get a glaringly obvious rubbish answer, or refusal to answer the question. This applies whenever you buy any product.
  • Never rely on videos alone: sellers of course publish videos showing conditions they control, so they are not proof of anything.
  • Beware of false feedback: If you get your information about a roulette computer from an anonymous forum of message board posting, expect it to be a fake created by a seller, either trying to discredit competition, or promote their own products. Unfortunately the Internet is littered with such garbage. You need to do your own research and find the truth for yourself. This may be harder work than believing the first thing you read, but that’s the only way you’ll find the truth.

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11 thoughts on “Roulette Computers

  • doris smityh

    Hi there, I was scammed by the Mark Anthony Howe Roulette Computer. Now I see other people he scammed are publishing his scam software for free at

    Dont get scammed. Download his roulette computer for free and see what a lying fraud he is. Also read and its all there.


  • Mitch

    Doris sorry to hear you got scammed. I read Howe’s sites while back and concluded he is a nut. It shows through in what he says. I hadn’t seen the pages you posted until I made the decision to buy a different computer. I haven’t bothered to test the computers that were hacked but I know others that found they are no good. I noticed now he says they werent his real computers or something like that, yeah right. A scammer has to protect their scam. The computer I ended up with, not Howe’s!, ended up being pretty good but I had to sell it on because my local casino was too small and they were getting suspicious. I dont have time to go to other casinos, they are 100 miles away. You can do well with these computers but the conditions need to be just right from inattentive staff to easy wheels.

  • how does you uber computer compare with jafco pred7-x rc ?

    • Admin

      The last I saw jafco’s computer, it was like a single player version of my lite computer. I respect jafco and he has integrity as a ‘competitor’, but I’ve never seen any computers that compare to my uber and hybrid models. Ultimately you’ll just have to do your own research and decide for yourself.

  • robert

    in my experience all of these devices need good scatter or you get random predictions. i read your site admin but if youre like some people, you might say your computers do something but how does anyone know they do what you say?

    mitch yep i concluded same about mark, he seems more focused of saying why his competitors are all scammers, everything is sales pitch.

    • Admin

      You mentioned scatter so you would have to be reasonably familiar with the requirements. Yes scatter is very important. Every computer except my uber and hybrid models assume the ball will fall in the same way, regardless where the ball falls from the ball track, and regardless of rotor speed. Only my computers are able to isolate the specific spins where the ball will fall in a predictable way. If you assume the ball will bounce (scatter) in the same way, then some spins you’ll be able to predict, and others you wont. Say you predicted 5 spins, and you could only possibly be accurate on one of them. The computer needs to know which spin that is. Again only my computers do this. It is not a simple task because the ball deceleration rate is always changing. On this note too, only my computers adjust for the changes.

      As you pointed out, absolutely I could just say my computers do things even if they didn’t. The seller you mentioned does this all the time. The only way you can know is see the computer before buying. See the computer comparison chart at and I can show you in-person each of the features mentioned. I can also show you computers from other sellers to compare, or bring your own.

      Unfortunately scams are everywhere and scammers will always tell you whatever they must to sell. You can assume that everyone you are told is a lie, and verify claims for yourself. The reality is if you don’t take this approach, it is very easy for you to be scammed.

  • Simon Goetsch

    Hi, I just like to tell my experience with these. I bought a computer (not the one you have) and could not make any money with it. The wheels in my casino are different to the supplied dvd disc. Computers might have been ok before but not anymore. The casinos use better wheels now.

    Maybe what you say is true that your are different but I dont have money to spend to find out. Just that if anyone wants these you need to have good wheels and I never found any. I just wasted my money and people should be careful before buying any of this technology.

  • me again

    I read your site I didnt see it before. Really great material and I probably wouldnt have gotten the other computer if I saw it first. I really thought I was buying a good computer because myrulet site has professional information. Im interested in your computers but need to know more.

    How are the used versions different? The prices are very different. Do they have warranty? Why are people selling them? That seems like a red flag.

    What if yours turns out to be only as good as vb too? Then I will have wasted more money. If I knew there was no risk I could raise the money. My main issue is Ill only waste more money

    • Simon, not all roulette computers are the same. The “make your own” page explains what most computers do, and what they don’t do but should be doing. It literally takes less than an hour to create a simplistic computer that a seller calls the “best computer ever” then sells from a website.

      A better page to understand the differences is which is very thorough.

      To answer your questions, some of the used computers are the same as their current models, but most are older versions and cannot be upgraded because they run firmware that isnt compatible with the latest software. In other words, it is like having a new version of PC Windows but it wont run on a MAC. Some of them have warranty remaining.

      The most common reason for someone selling a computer is they cant travel to casinos where it is legal as often as they wanted. If you buy with the intent to use it overseas, be realistic about your obligations back home and how much time you can really dedicate.

      As for your last question about “what if its just as useless as the others”? You can bring the other computer and test it on the same spins as mine. Or test it on the recordings of the public demos on my site. You mentioned “myrulet” and I know those computers well. You would have been impressed with it at home on the dvd, but you’ll learn reality when you test it on real casino wheels.

  • gotrenf

    I only recently learned about this technology and read sites from 3 different people selling them, I think admin you are the one for and right?

    . There is so much information and conflicting info all over the net. Best I figure is you need to see them compared on the same spins. It would be the only fair comparison.

    I will give you one thing, you definitelt seem most credible. I think you handled the personal attacks on you well. if your computers are like you say then kudos to you seriously it would be amazing

    • Admin

      Yes those are my sites. There is conflicting information about everything on the Internet. You just have to do proper research. Yes testing on same spins is the best way, which is exactly why I encourage people to bring other computers to my public demos. Alternatively, you can test another computer on the spins from my live public demos (recordings) – at least then you’re comparing on spins that were witnessed live by others. Regarding the ‘attacks’, they are running a business and that’s how they compete. I did waste time refuting the nonsense before but not anymore. Anyone only needs to find out for themselves instead of believing nonsense posted under fake names.

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