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Top 10 Roulette Sites To Play In 2021

A list of the top 10 roulette sites to be may be convenient, but there are too many variables for such a list. I’d rather give you a specific points to look for when selecting a casino to play roulette online.

Online Reputation

If you’re going to trust your money with anyone, it can pay to do some background research. In this case, it could reveal particular casinos often refuse payouts.

But don’t believe everything you read – whether the online feedback is positive or negative.

This is because a large portion of complaints about casinos are payout refusal, for justified reasons. By far the most common cases is when payout is refused, because of a roulette bonus the player accepted. The problem occurs when the player doesn’t read the terms, because all casino bonuses come with strings attached. It’s not the casino’s fault. They are giving players free money, but not without terms.

Usually a dispute arises when a player accepts a bonus, wins some money, then tries to withdrawal winnings. But the terms of the bonus states the player hasn’t played long enough, or made enough bets. And what does the player do when they’re rightfully refused payout? They run to message boards to complain. And they may be so upset that they’ll gladly lie about the situation, to harm the casino in any way possible. So don’t believe everything you read online. Don’t rely on only a few reviews. Look at the larger picture, from a variety of different sources.

Jurisdiction of Licensing

Would you trust someone in Nigeria? How about a casino in Nigeria, promising massive payouts? No? Neither would I. I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate and fair casinos in Nigeria, but particular jurisdictions are prone to fraud. Put another way, some countries have a problem with online fraud. Romania is another company to be aware of.

A casino that isn’t properly licensed is called a “rogue casino”. Being a rogue casino itself doesn’t mean the casino is dishonest, but it means they aren’t legally obligated to follow any guidelines. This means if they steal your money, there’s basically nothing you can do. If you think reporting it to the police will achieve anything, you’re a little na├»ve. Because the police will do nothing. They’ll just explain it’s a civil case between you and the casino. And good luck taking the casino to court, when they don’t even legally exist.

But keep in mind a licensed casino doesn’t guarantee a casino will pay your winnings. Every casino has limits on winnings they’ll tolerate, before carefully checking all your activity. And what the casino does next depends on their management. The more “honest” casinos may pay you initially, but may ban you from playing the game you won at. They wont necessarily try to determine how you won. They may just decide it’s not worth the risk – in case you have some kind of system that works.

And the “dishonest” casinos may use contract fine-print to avoid paying you.

Check The Fine Print

An example of “fine-print” may be the casino forbids you from using betting progression. This is where you increase bets after losses. It is not a legitimate strategy to win at roulette. However, with some luck you can win large amounts with a small bankroll. You can test this with free games using play money, and you’ll find you’ll often turn a $1,000 bankroll into $50,000 or so. It’s rare, but can and does happen. And obscure terms of service like this can be used against you.

There aren’t many systems that don’t use some form of betting progression. So hypothetically a casino using such terms could refuse payout to virtually any player. Of course if they didn’t, they’d need to accept the consequence of bad feedback. This is why this condition would only rarely be applied. So if you won a fortune with progression betting, don’t be surprised if you get the cold-shoulder from the casino.

Provable Fair Games

Anything can happen in a computer game. After all, it’s not real life. You can leap over buildings with ease.

So why would animated roulette games be different? My point is no professional player trusts RNG roulette, because there’s no physical wheel and ball. the winning numbers are determined by computer software.

For myself personally, I’ll only ever trust the roulette spins from a real wheel, and properly licensed casino. But online gambling is big business, so there are properly licensed casinos that offer RNG roulette. And such online casinos usually have some form of provably fair game results. This means their software has either been audited, and certified as fair random. It basically means the casino can’t cheat you. But keep in mind just because a website says something doesn’t make it true. So if you’re looking to deposit a significant amount of money with any casino, always do thorough research. And ultimately the verification of a casino’s license is done on official government websites.

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