This page lists various software you can use to help beat roulette.

Free Jump Analyzer

This is FREE software that tells you to distance between pockets. It is particularly useful for visual ballistics players. to use this software, enter your first and second numbers as below:




.. and so on. Then click “CHART”, and the chart displaying the distances between pockets will be displayed. Use the software at which also tells you how strong the peaks are.


Same wheel or not

This is a very useful feature to determine if a wheel has been moved or recalibrated. Basically you put the amount of diamond hits of a wheel for four diamonds, one set for one day, and another set for another day. Then  the software checks the proportion of diamond hits between diamonds on the different days, and tells you how probable its the same wheel. This is also at


 JAA Automated Roulette Wheel Analysis Software

This is for players only. It makes sophisticated roulette wheel analysis techniques as simple as clicking a button. You don’t need to have any experience with roulette as it is designed for beginners. A new player achieves the same results as a seasoned player from day one. The software is unique and not available anywhere else.


Roulette Computer Software That Predicts Winning Numbers

There are different versions of the roulette computers explained at and If you’re a player, you can get free roulette computer software to install on your mobile phone.


Professional Wheel Assessment Software For Mobile Phones

This is for players only. Successful professional play all starts with finding the most predictable roulette wheels. There is a lot to assess and it normally can take a day just to properly assess which wheel is likely to be the most profitable in a casino. This software is installed on mobile phones and allows you to assess which wheel is best, in 10% of the time it normally takes. It performs a few functions, but one example is you can collect ball timings for multiple spins, then assess how consistently the ball rolls between different spins. This tells you how early you can get “accurate” predictions with technology like roulette computers. You can also assess whether or not the rotor is changing speed after no more bets is called. It performs many functions that both save you time, and ensure you easily find which wheels you should focus on. The software is operated on a mobile phone via hidden cables, so you can very discretely assess the wheels.

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