A Beginner’s Guide to Roulette in 2021

This guide assumes you know absolutely nothing about roulette, beside there being something about a wheel and ball. The idea is to make roulette not such a daunting game. And let’s face it, approaching a new game at a casino can be intimidating, because you don’t want to look like an idiot.

Online Vs Real Casinos

Online casinos make roulette a much more accessible game. But there are some downsides to playing online. See lists like best online casino au for some of the online casinos to play at. This is not an endorsement of this website, and there are many just like it. Still do thorough research before joining any online casino because some are quite dishonest. One of the primary things to look at is where the casino is licensed, or if it is licensed at all.

Although I have a lot of experience playing online, I much prefer the real casino environment. I personally don’t particularly like online casinos, because they lack the atmosphere of real casinos. It’s kind of like watching an awesome movie on a tiny phone, instead of in a real theatre. But then again, some people prefer to play in the home environment, where they have easy access to their bathroom, their fridge, or whatever. And they don’t need to go anywhere, or to find parking. So certainly online casinos do have their benefits.

For me, the major annoyance with online casinos is the requirement to prove who you are, before withdrawing funds. Yes you still need to do this in real casinos, if you win over certain thresholds. But it’s easier there.

As a professional player, I have multiple accounts under various names. Each are properly verified with real identification of my players, or partners. This is essential to withdraw funds. But let’s say you are an ordinary player, playing for fun at home. You will still need to send the casino a copy of government issued identification, such as a drivers license. This may be a concern because if the casino isn’t trustworthy, your identification may be shared with other organisations. Any of the organisations may leak your private data, which may be then used to steal your identity. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t happen, but unfortunately it does happen. This is another reason to join only reputable online casinos.

Besides the identification requirements, joining an online casino is a simple as starting a new account. You are asked the basics, such as your name and email address, username and password. So it’s nothing unusual. Next, you need to fund your account. And this can be done a number of ways. If the casino accepts credit card, this may be a preferred method if you are concerned about being scammed. But some credit card companies expressly forbid using credit cards for gambling purposes, so check the terms of service. At the very least, the best usa real money online casinos accept all major sources of funding, in secure ways.

Joining Tables In Real Casinos

On every betting table, the casino displays the maximum and minimum bets. First become acquainted with the types of bets. Essentially there are two main types of bets, which are inside and outside bets. There are different minimums and maximums for each type of bets.

For example, a table may have a minimum bet of $5 for inside bets, but $500 per outside bets. The odds of winning outside bets may be higher, but the the house edge is fundamentally the same no matter where or what you bet. There are some rare exceptions depending on the variant of roulette you are playing.

If you have say a $1000 budget, then a five dollar minimum table should be ample for you. You certainly wouldn’t want to join a table with $1000 minimum bet, because you’ll only be able to bet once if you lose. I suggest starting with the table with the lowest minimum bets.

Wait for the ball to land, and the dealer to pay winning players. When they are finished, the dealer will say “place your bets”. Then place your cash flat on the table in front of the dealer. They’ll then ask you what type of chips you would like to buy.

Color chips are easier for you to identify on the betting table. Also you can assign any particular value for each chip. But the standard casino chips already have it assign value written on them, and they can be used on other table games. Whereas you can only use the color chips on the table you purchased them from.

Once you have your betting chips, you can place your bets until the dealer calls no more bets. Most casinos will close betting 5 to 7 seconds after the ball is released. And this is usually about 7 to 10 seconds before the ball falls. So there is some time to bet, even while the wheel is still spinning. This is done to speed up the game, and encourage players to make more bets.

Know The Payouts

Each type of bet has different payouts. For example, a bet on an individual number pays 35 to 1. This means that if you bet on green zero, and won, you’d receive back your original bet, and 35 additional chips. That’s a total of 36 chips back.

Remember that the odds of you winning are different to the payouts. On the European wheel, there are 37 pockets including single zero, so your odds of winning are 1 in 37.

Collecting Your Winnings

The dealer places a marker in the winning number on the table. The dealer then proceeds to payout or winning players, and the process repeats.

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