The Roulette Odds forGreen Single and Double Zero

Roulette is a popular game which is in almost all casinos whether landbased or online. Hence, there are many players who aim to beat this game. Among the things that professionals plan to master are the roulette odds for green single and double zero.

In any game of roulette, players should always account for the zeros that are located in the wheel. These zeros are also one of the reasons that casinos have a house edge. Many players forget to account for these zeros which is a huge mistake as this has a significant effect on the winning odds.

How Zeros Affect Your Gameplay

Newbies often commit the mistake of forgetting zeros when they are trying to think on where to place their bets. Having a complete picture of the roulette table’s layout is really important. There is a big difference in probabilities when you account forthe roulette odds for green single and double zero. When you come to think of it, there are 35 numbers in the roulette table, so chances are the odds is 35 to 1 or 0.02857 or 2.857%. However, when you account for the single zero which is in the roulette table, it decreases to 37 to 1 or 0.02702 or 2.702%.

For those who are wondering why the zeros are green, this is actually devised as a way to avoid confusion when playing in a roulette table. The true odds would even be lower in a roulette game for European roulette compared to American roulette.

What Bet Is the Best?

When you are playing a game of roulette, keep in mind that the best bet that you could make is the one which will make you win the game. This is one of the basic rules when playing this game of chance. Many people think that guessing where the ball will land is too hardthinking that the croupier would control the game.But, even the most skilful dealers cannot defy the physics that govern the game. Hence, players should know what to look for in order to bet on numbers that would be most likely where the ball will fall.

Choosing the best bet would only be possible if you have a system which will specifically help you find the right pockets to put your money on. The way the ball bounces is one of the indicators that can be used when you are in the process of trying to decide where the ball will land on. A combination of the physics behind the wheel as well as the motion of the ball is your best bet when you are in the process of looking for the roulette odds for green single and double zero.

What Are The Odds for Winning in Roulette?

Odds are computed in different casino games so that the player would be able to tell his or her chances of winning. In the game of roulette, the odds are based on the statistical probability of wherethe ball will fall. By knowing this,the player could bet on the right digits. These odds are the ones which is the same when the probability that each number will be where the ball will land is no better than when it was all in random. However, you will be able to enjoy higher odds in when you look to advantage play. One great way to have an advantage when it comes to the roulette odds for green single and double zero is to use a strategy which will increase the player’s chances of placing bets on the right numbers.

In most instances, there is a bunch of numbers that a player has to bet on to increase the accuracy of choosing the winning number. A strategy which is backed by Physics is the best option that you have in this instance. The greatest thing about the odds in using a strategy that is backed by physics is that there would be higher odds of winning in a casino. The odds of winning could be as high as 10 to 1 compared to the normal odds. With this, beating the house edge is totally possible which is to the advantage of any player.

Bets to Increase Winning Probabilities

When you are playing roulette, there are bets that you can make to increase your chances of winning. One good way to make the odds work in your favour is to make what is known as sector bets. This is a strategy employed by good players but it would not be ideal to use this too often as it as a tendency to attract a lot of attention. Hence, this should not be used too many times in one game. For many professional players, the challenge lies in not being detected so it is important to ensure that casinos won’t catch on in your strategy.

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How Betting Systems Affect Roulette Win Probability

As roulette became more popular in many casinos, people saw the need to plan betting strategies. This methodwould be helpful mainly if you want to beat the house edge. Many strategies suggestdiverse tactics created to increase roulette win probability. Almost every casino offers this game as there are a lot of people who prefer to play roulette. One reason is that learning how to play this game is very easy. At the same time, players love this game as there are many schemes that they can try. It would be more useful to players if the chosen tactics truly work.

How Betting Systems Work

To people who are into gambling, it is crucial to form tactics that will make their gameplay more profitable. A betting system has been devised by many players so that they will have better odds at roulette. The betting strategy is deemed as a structured gambling approach in order to profit from the game. The success rate of the betting system devised by the player is highly reliant on its ability to produce higher odds of winning compared to the house edge. The betting system is often hooked on statistical analysis. It would be based on the probability of diverse results that could make the player win.

Increasing Roulette Win Probability

Betting on even money happens to be a very famous strategy for many players. Most of these strategies base the tactics on the popular Martingale Strategy. With these strategies, the roulette win probability tends to increase. Based on this strategy, the amount of the betting amount should be doubled every time the player loses a bet. With this strategy, the player is likely to recover all losses by just winning in one round. Another strategy which attracts a lot of people is the Fibonacci strategy.

Butthese tactics are not ideal as far as statistics is concerned. It is also good to note that the result of each spin happens to be independent from each other. Hence, winning in one spin will not affect the result of the next spin. Yet, with these progressions, people assume that the result of the spins somehow affect each other. But based on statistics, the Martingale and the Fibonacci strategies have an expected probability that has a negative value. Based on a statistical analysis, this probability is not good enough to win in roulette. So, even if there are people who use this method to make money, it is not fullproof and effective.In case ofrepeated losses, a player would lose so much money in one go.

In the instance that a pattern is followed to tell what the result of the spin will be result to a loss.

Probability of Winning with Roulette Systems

Roulette win probability would be highly dependent on the tactic used by the player to have a house advantage. Although there are many patterns that are gaining much regard in many casinos, it is vital to note that not all methods work. A gameplay which merely relies on a pattern will not be able to increase the player’s probability of winning the game. This is due to the fact that the house advantage does not change in any way.

For now, the best choice for players who are aiming to increase their odds of winning in roulette is to rely on physics. The theories linked to using physics suggest that the only way to increase roulette win probability is to consider all of the forces in action. In this case, the movement of the wheel and its speed would be needed to predict where the ball will land. The movement and speed of the ball is also important to know where the ball will come to a stop. Even if the dealer is a very good one, the physics principles behind this will remain the same.This would, in turn, result to getting high chances of making the right bets. Using statistics, it would be hard to compute how precise your bets are. Needless to say, the player can decrease the house edge.This would make the odds favourable for a player.

What is great about using physics to win in roulette is that it is backed by math. So, you have a way to compute how likely it is for certain numbers in roulette could come out. With this, you will not be choosing numbers in random.Then, you can rest assured that you will not be making blind bets. Practice makes perfect in this case though.You will need to realize that the entire process would require hard work. Plus, you need constant practice before you can really get the hang of it. But, once you have all things set, choosing the winning numbers are easier.And, you are on your way to being a professional roulette player.

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Roulette Wheel Odds of Winning: Effective Gaming Systems

Playing a game of roulette would mean that there are many things that should be considered. The roulette wheel odds of winning will be higher when you have a strategy that could decrease the house edge. At the same time, the tactic should increase the chances of choosing the winning bet in a game of roulette.

There are two methods on how to play roulette, namely, playing in a land based casino and playing online. Online roulette seems to be a bit too controversial as the roulette wheel odds of winning happens to be lower. This is because a Random Number Generator which is the same mechanism used in a slot machine is applied to online roulette.  If you ever opt to go for an online roulette game, you should go for live roulette as roulette wheel odds of winning is the same as the probability of winning in a land-based casino. In both instances, a player could deal with almost fair odds unless there is a wheel bias. It is also vital to know that the potential risks and the expected values of the results after each spin of the roulette wheel.

Probability of Winning in an Even Bet

When in the process of making a bet on roulette, it is vital to realize that the chances of a red or a Black and an Odd or an even number to come up is less than 50 percent. The main reason behind this is the fact that there is and always be a house advantage. Hence, you should recall that the probabilities will remain to be lower than what is statistically forecasted. The numbers are even lower if the roulette variety is American Roulette.

Even if you test this on a real roulette wheel, you will realize that the same probabilities will hold true. Another probability that every wishful roulette player should bear in mind is that the probability of winning over a casino is normally negative so this is nothing to be shocked about. The chances of winning will not be in your favour.

How to Know the Winning Numbers

One way to tell if you play a game of roulette in a casino that you can trust is to observe the results in the wheel. It would take some time before you see if the wheel is not biased or not.So, you would have to make many observations while you are in a casino.

In almost all casinos, the roulette wheels are checked once in a while to see whether they are fair. In an ideal scenario, the results of the wheel would be equal to the statistical probability. There are claims that many casinos could decrease the roulette wheel odds of winning because the wheel is rigged. But, this is not true because in many cases, casinos make their profit from the house edge. Given this state, people get the idea that wheel could be rigged to be in the casino’s favour.But in manycases it has been seen that there are faulty wheels which could work in favour of players who are alert enough.

Regular roulette wheel upkeep is employed by casinos to avoid this.Yet even a slight difference in the way the wheel tilts could work in favour of a player.Given this player edge,you can increase the chances of betting on the winning numbers.

How Roulette Wheel Odds of Winning Work

There are ways to find out the statistics for choosing the numbers which has a high probability of coming out as the result for the roulette. The winningodds based on math are not too high. In many cases, the probability is not in favour of the player. However, there is no need to be afraid of these stats as there are methods that can be employed in order to enjoy higher winning odds.

But above all else, it is great to throw all beliefs that tactics solely based on the Martingale will be the one to help you in creating your betting system. They will never be useful unless you have one other strategy to back it up. Statistics, math and science will all point out the major flaws in these betting systems.Aside from that it is part of what has been referred to as the gambler’s fallacy.

The odds of winning will not differ just because the player thinks that a certain outcome will happen because he wants it to. What would work for any player, irrespective of experience in playing roulette, is a betting system that is based on physics.The same tactic should also show how to manageyour bankroll properly. It is good to look into something that combines these two and see how easier it is to make money in roulette with a system that works.

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Roulette Strategy Probability: Using Counting Systems to Win

In a game of roulette, the process is pretty direct. The croupier spins the wheel in one direction. Then, a ball is released which spins in another direction. You make a bet on where the ball will stop. In European roulette, the ball will stop in one of the 37 pockets and in American roulette, 38 pockets. The type of roulette has a big impact on the roulette strategy probability.
The betting area in roulette is known as the layout. The layout differs for European and American roulette. There is a single zero in European roulette and the double zeros for the latter. There is also a French style table but this one is hard to find when you are outside Monte Carlo.

Payout Ratio for Roulette

The payout ratio for roulette will differ and this depends on the rules that govern your game now. For instance, when you are in the UK, the payout ratio for all bets is the same. There are exceptions on this rule though.This is when the ball stops on a zero. In this case, the dealer gets only half of the original stake.
There is a general formula that can be used when you want to know the payout for a certain bet that you are making. There are also exceptions for this formula.This formula is generally used to predict the payout based on the roulette strategy probability:


In this formula, the n will refer to how many squares the player is currently putting his bet on. With this formula, the payout will be added to the initial bet.So,the sum of the two will be the amount that you can get from what you initially placed as abet. The profit’s expected value based on the roulette strategy probabilitywould be 0.This happens when the numbers that the player is betting on is 36 or less. This simply means that the casino will have an edge if the total numbers that the player has to bet on is 37 or more.

With this formula, it will be easier to know how many numbers you can bet on. You will also know the value that you can expect to receive once you place a bet on it. We will now move on the strategies that are famous in roulette and the probability that you can beat the odds in roulette when you are applying a certain tactic.

How Betting Strategies Affect Probability

After being played for hundreds of years, many roulette betting systems were introduced. So, it’s not startling that there are a lot of methods devised to beat the odds in roulette. The most famous strategies rely on the amount of bets placed on the roulette table.

In general, the probability of winning when computed using the geometric series is close to each other. For American roulette it is 0.95 and for European roulette it is at 0.97. The same roulette strategy probabilitywill not change the probability that a certain number will come up. This is trueeven if progressive strategies like Martingale are used to make bets on roulette tables.
There have been different tactics devised by many people who play roulette. These tactics are often based on the mechanical movements of the wheel. This is deemed to be a more strategic tactic for playing roulette. This can increase the player’s ability to win in roulette. This will help you tellwhere the ball will finally fall on the wheel’s pocket.This is great for anyone betting on the game as chances of winning will also increase. This same method has been used in Monte Carlo by Joseph Jagger.

Computing Machines: How They Improve Winning Odds

There are computer counters which were made to improve the player’s predictions on just where the ball will fall. Today, there are methods with a greater skill to predict in which octant the ball will land on. These machines are more precise in telling the place where the ball will land. But, when these are used, it is vital to know the timing for the ball’s release.The wheel’s speed should also be noted. By keyingin all of the info in your computing machine, you will be able to know the numbers tobet on. Hence, roulette strategy probability of winning in roulette would certainly increase. But it is also worth noting that this system will work best when the wheel that is being used for roulette is not biased.

Unluckily, many casinos already know that that these computing machines exist.This means that they are looking for players who plan to use certain methods to make money while gambling in the casino. There are discreet methods that are used by these casinos so that they can catch professional players.Hence, caution must be exercised by anyone who uses any strategy using computing machines.

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Increasing Winning Odds on the Roulette Table

Roulette is among the most common casino games that makes use of wheels. The name of the game is taken from the French word for wheel. Professional roulette players may not be unheard of but there remains to be a large chunk of the populace that thinks that roulette is the type of game that you just can’t cheat on. In many cases, this is true as winning odds on the roulette table are not too high. Professional and honest casinos also ensure that the wheels that are used in the game are maintained well.There are regular checks which are made to ensure that there is no bias in the wheel.

How are the Odds on the Roulette Table?

Gamblers who are into using a betting system will not jump on just making bets on the roulette table.They want to know how to attack the game. They employ a tactic that will ensure that they win or at least have a greater chance in beating the casino. Although the house edge that casinos have is true and is not a fallacy, there are ways that can decrease this edge. The same knowledgeisuseful to any player. Among the most basic rules that must be observed by any player is to steer clear of American roulette. The winning odds on the roulette table for American roulette are low.So, you are better off in making a bet on European roulette.

The basic formula for statistics can be applied to roulette and it is used to know the odds often.But, most of the computed odds for diverse bets in roulette turn out to be negative. Most of the strategies that are proposed for roulette don’t change the odds.So, they do not help any of the players beat the odds. It’s a good thing that there are many ways for a player to have a chance in making the right bet on the roulette table.

Techniques to Improve Odds on the Roulette Table

There are many schemes in choosing the right numbers to bet on in the wheel. Yet, one of the most useful methods is the ones that make use of computing machines. These computers became such a hit among people who use them because players gain the ability to increase the accuracy of the numbers that they are planning to bet on.

What makes these machines stand out is that they are very easy to use and the mechanism behind it is backed by physics. This allows the player to know which numbers to bet on. The accuracy of these computing machines would differ but there are machines that have an accuracy that could be as high as 90%. These are also considered to be the most effective method that you can use to beat the casino. Although there are many casinos that do not clearly state that using these machines is illegal.Almost half of all casinos wouldn’t bat an eyelash on people who are using a computing machine. But, there are gambling halls that do a lookout for these as it would be bad for them and they will suffersome heavy losses from players involved in this practice.

How Precise Are Computing Machines?

Needless to say, it also pays to do prior research before you decide to buy a computing machine as not all of these machines are made equal. Although learning how these things work is easy and you can be discreet about the fact that you are using this. The player edge would also tend to increase because of this. With this machine, the player is able to account for diverse types of things that are now in the game to predict the winning number.

One other system is based on cause and the effect on the movement of the wheel and any changes that the dealer could present in the game. This is effective in around 30% of the wheels that are used today. This is a great tool for newbies as learning this system is very easy. This roulette system is great because you will be able to predict the outcome of each spin even after the ball is released by a croupier. This system is also compatible with different systems including iOS, Windows and Android system. However, this system would require observing the wheel for up to 200 times.

There are diverse roulette systems which are great for those who are looking for a way to beat the wheel. The winning probability for each roulette system will differ depending on the strategy that is being used bat present. Different tactics can be applied to increase the probability of choosing the winning bets on the table and increases odds of winning. But it is also vital to take note that a system which is based on the wheel and the ball’s movement are the best ones out there.

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What Are The Best Odds on a Roulette Table?

When you are playing roulette, it makes sense to look out for the best odds on a roulette table. This means, that you would opt to choose numbers which has the highest chance of being the place where the ball will come to land once it stops moving. Hence, it is vital to think of the probability in the roulette table and how it can affect your wins. There are certain factors that you have to account for and among this is where to put your best bets on.

Payout Odds on Roulette

In any kind of casino game that you would be playing, you need to know how the payout system works. The same goes for roulette, and it is vital to consider the payout while you are trying to create the best odds on a roulette table.

One thing that you have to know about roulette is that the payout depends on the kind of bet that you make. There are,in fact, two types of bet that you can make: inside bets and outside bets. For inside bets, you have some options that include single or a straight bet, a split bet which is putting a bet on adjoining numbers and a street bet or a corner or square bet. Other bets known as inside bets include the double street bet, the trio, the basket as well as the top line bet.

Meanwhile for outside bets, there are also a number of betting choices that you have which includes the first 18 and the last 18 numbers on the wheel. For outside bets, you will also have the chance to bet on even or odd digits as well as black or red as well as columns and in dozens. When you are making an outside bet, the chances of winning are higher compared to when you are making inside bets. This is the main reason why there are a lot of people who suggest that new players start on outside bets. Needless to say, it is vital to realize that the payout for outside bets is largely lower compared to other bets.

How The Casino House Edge Works

When you are in the process of choosing thebest odds on a roulette table, it is very important to assess the amount of the house edge. In many cases, players lose a lot of money because of the high house edge. When you are facing a house edge which is very high, your chances of winning in a casino is very low.

Roulette is known to be a game of chance which doesn’t have a very high winning probability for many players. But there are ways to decrease the casino’s advantage. When the roulette was still being developed and while it was being played in gambling saloons, the payout ratio for roulette was set at 27 for 1. This house edge meant that with this payout ratio, for every dollar that you will be betting on roulette tables, you will be able to get $27.

But these days the limit as to the amount that is given by the casino as payout is now affected by laws. The same goes for roulette. You can expect to receive a payout which is around $34 to $35 to a dollar.

Best Roulette Odds for New Players

When you are still trying out roulette and you are a newbie at this game.You need to realize that, as previously stated, you will have better oddsif you bet on something which has an even payout. Outside bets would be your best options in this case.This is a good choice because the chances of getting the right bet is almost 50% which makes it more favourable to a player. The odds in American roulette are a little less than this as there is an additional 0 in the equation.Indeed, going for these bets remain to be a great idea especially if you are not a professional.
For those who are into using betting systems, it might not be a good idea to go for some progression patterns such as the Martingale. Based on statistical principles, you will lose a huge chunk of the betting money that you have in the instance that you experience 6 consecutive losses after spinning the wheel.

Meanwhile, the probabilities and odds in winning a game of roulette could change depending on how the wheel works. There have been many cases where players were able to beat the odds in the casino. If ever there is a problem with the roulette wheel also known as wheel bias, the player could take advantage of this defect. Needless to say, you can have the best odds on a roulette table when you are using a strategy which is backed by physics.

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What Are The Odds In Roulette

A more complete version explaining roulette odds and bets is at The game of roulette is not different from any other casino game, you have to gamble to attain your desired success, and this is based on the odds and getting it right from the scratch. Conquer all obstacles so that you can be on the winning list. Odds in roulette can be explained with respect to edge which are used in different casinos to minimise player’s success. On the other hand it can be said to be number that makes you a winner, your ability to make right prediction gives you a better odds. Take for instance in most of the casinos house edge is calculated by dividing the number of zero in a wheel with the list of numbers that made up the wheel, double wheel roulette game has its edge to be 5.23% (2/38), on single wheel it is 1 out of 37(2.7%) but in a case whereby you made use of a roulette electronic device, your chances of winning is 1 out of every 10 spins.

Odds and pay-outs in roulette

Have you ever consider winning different bet in the game of roulette and the reason behind having the same edge for all table bet. The probability of winning may be on high side when you place your bet on different number but it vice versa when it comes to loses. When you bet, take note of house edge and not only odds and pay-out in roulette. This can be explained using a simple arithmetic expression using European single wheel, playing on even, assuming the ball lands on red and black pockets with number 16, the player has the game, the edge is said to be 16/37*100which is 43.24% when you win (100-43.24 = 56.76 when you lose) then we have 56.76-43.24= 13.52%, the edge is set at 13.52%. When we consider double wheel roulette, the edge is calculated thus: assuming the balls land on red or black pocket with number 20, then we have (20/38*100= 52.63) we have on the approximate note 52.63%. Then we have (100-52.63=47.37) and (52.63-47.37= 5.26%). The edge is set at 5.26%. The story is a little bit easier on single wheel because winning is on all unit while loses is on a single unit but on double wheel it is side by side. Although the pay-out and odds may not be the same, the edge is always the same irrespective of the casino.

Varied bets that determines odds in roulette

  • Pronounced bets: In this case, you may not place the bet but the bets will be verbalised for all to hear, it is not allowed in all casinos because it gives room for dubious players to partake in the game by placing a bet without having a dime.
  • Bydweller bets: This is not common with roulette game starter, it is commonly found among the experienced (professional) roulette players. This is the only type of bet that gives the player advantage over the casino, a form of betting that deals with placing your bet on certain segment of roulette wheel. Take for instance if a Bydweller bet is placed on zero in a single wheel roulette, the bet takes care of 0, 3, 26, 32 and 15. The reason for this is not far fetch, it is because segmented bets gives the player winning chances. Bydweller bet is peculiar to a single wheel roulette, bets are placed on the table allocated for betting in a disk with a circular shape, the dealer picks it up and then the bet will be verbalised to the supervisor in the casino. On a professional view, it will not be encouraged because often time, it gives room for side comments which commonly leads to distraction.

It is important to take note of the fact that roulette odds should not be expected only on a biased wheel because this may put player at dangerous end, if eventually no wheel is biased or when you go in for online roulette. Also placing bets on several numbers with the mind set of having the right odd, though you may be lucky to win as much as possible but your losses is equivalent to profit. But when you put it at the back of your mind that roulette game favours 36 number wheel, then you can set your prediction to get a winning odds rightly, the ball needed to land on a number for spinning 36 times so as to locate the odds. This implies that the landing time will be 2.63% on double wheel and 2.70% on single wheel. Casino should ensure that wheels are practically free of bias because house edge on self-standing numbers depends on a minute changes that occurs among the pay-out and the odd that wins, the smallest difference could turn to be the player’s favour.

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Roulette Tips to Win

The best website for winning roulette is at When one thinks of spin betting, the very thing that comes to one’s mind is that, it is among the simplest way of making cool cash but the truth is that only few people know the secrets of betting. In your wildest world, would you imagine yourself dropping a huge amount of a money in a casino and bid the place good bye, you definitely want something more than that and that just making an extra dough than you have dropped but a lot of player will do that because they don’t have the winning secrets of roulette. Another interesting act of the player is that they believed so much in luck than in using the right approach to win the game but the good news I have for you lovers of roulette game is that either you play online or in a casino, your success is sure if only you will make proper use the following guidelines.

  • Your bet must not be only on specific number:It is very important to note that placing your bet on a specific number does not guarantee your winning the game but with one single chip, the board can be divide into several parts, playing the game on several numbers guarantee your winning better than relying on a particular number. One common mistakes by players is believing a single numbers is the winning number thereby placing all their bet on that single number, roulette game requires more than that, your ability to spread out your bet statically gives a better winning opportunity.
  • Apply variation in your system of betting: No system of betting in roulette has 100% assurance, several publications may give beautiful reasons why a particular system will work perfectly but the truth of the matter is that every system has both merits and demerits, even the almighty labouchère system has its own shortcoming. So as a seasoned and smart player, it is better to vary your system, don’t get stick to a particular system, you may have several systems that works.
  • There is nothing like biased wheel in online roulette: It is going to be a mere waste of time if one decides to stick to the rule of depending on biased wheel in an online game for a successful outcome. Although in the history of roulette game, biased wheel is believed to be a determinant factor in predicting the winning number, the spinning of a ball can be reduced to a minimal velocity when it encounters a biased wheel thereby enabling the player to make accurate prediction and giving room for reoccurrence of a specific number.But when it comes to a live game, the story is entirely different, the method employed is a kind of random motion, a situation whereby numbers are generated at random to get an end results as the wheel spins, and this to an extent will give a fair and accurate number. So in a live roulette game you don’t have to put your mind on some tricks to succeed but rather adhere strictly to your own method.
  • Look out for a dependable casino: It is of utmost importance you don’t just play your game on any online game, search out for an online casino with winning history, this will cause you to do a background check on several casino before you get a choice one. Ensure your choice casino has a legal backing with a valid license, if all these perquisite are not found in your choice casino, the probability of you winning is zero irrespective of the winning method you adopt.
  • Ensure you have a perfect knowledge of roulette wheel variation: It is very necessary you have a perfect knowledge of what type of wheel you are playing on, is it single zero (European) wheel or double zero (American) wheel, don’t just assume the wheels has the same numbers. Before starting your game online, you need to do your homework properly and decide on the type of strategy you want to use. If you feel the odds will give you a better chance, then did you consider the fact the pay-out are different? The simple truth is this, if you don’t plan to win, you are planning to lose.
  • If you drink, don’t bet: fortune can slip away from your pocket if you are in the habit of drinking and playing the game of roulette, the fact is that your prediction can never be right because you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Consider your pocket before betting: One of the most crucial rule in the game of roulette is this, don’t bet beyond what you can bear, start with small dough so that you can end with big dough. If you don’t heed this advice, you might walk home barefooted as you may lose your shoe after losing all.
  • Forget player’s heresies: some players believed that the more they lose money, the likely they win, that is nothing but heresies, and it is far from the truth so be warned.
  • Try a balanced dose: Don’t just restrict your roulette to only online game, the application of your online game can keep the ball spinning with better chance in an inland game.
  • Casino are not charity organization: put it at the back of your mind that every casino has an edge, it is a form of restriction to ensure that they are not losing all their money to the players. This is in both online and offline or inland game, that is why no matter how players may be winning, losing players are always more than the winning ones.

For more roulette tips and how to win, visit

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Roulette Game Download

The best roulette game download is at where you can play fair roulette for free.

Roulette game download is not a roulette game with physical structure and properties, it deals with software application and its usage. The game of Roulette could come in varied categories, roulette physical structure that is made up of the wheel, the ball and the table or the roulette game software.  The software can be downloaded on line and it works with roulette slot or electronic machine which comes with roulette game animation that have a real portraits of roulette physical structure. It has an inbuilt facilities that generate number on a random basis so as to determine the number that will win, although everything that happen within the roulette game software is an epitome of the physical roulette wheel but it can never be used to examine a wheel that is real. Roulette game software are with the following characteristics:

  • The direction of the wheel varies each time the wheel spins
  • The ball is not visible to the eye all the time
  • The ball as well as the wheel has an arbitrary speed
  • The speed at which the balls as well as the wheel moves determines the number that wins
  • Although they are not visible to the eye but they give full predication of the ball’s location
  • The segment of the wheel that wins is calculated by the ball’s movement and how it descends
  • The easiestand fastest way to win roulette

One important thing to note is that this system is not magical, so it can’t win on allwheel but definitely it wins on some.

Roulette software should never be tested

This could sound a little bit strange, why won’t I put to test the system I love to use on a regular note? The reason is not far fetched, it is just because the online casinos will only play on your intelligence with a testing software. You will be encourage to have a free demo account with no money involved so that you can use that to confirm the accuracy of the their system but the number that will win are not  randomly displaced on a fair note. They have been tampered with so that it will favours you and you will win a lot of money on a demo account but when it is time to go live and you now put in real cash the odd will only favour the casinos because the real number generator that does it on a random basis will then be applied. So the software that the online casino will provide are not trustworthy, don’t do any test trial practiceof any roulette software system in an online casino. It is quite disappointing because online casinos with these deceptive act are on the increase each pass day and there is nothing that can be done except you act wise and smart.

Becoming a champion in the game of roulette

See the page to learn how to play roulette and win. First and foremost, if you want to succeed in the game of roulette, you must understand that it is more than just a downloaded game, it is a game with physical structure that requires physical application that has no relationship with any software but it work with the aid of random number generator (RNG) to identify the winning odd. Roulette generator perform the same function with the slot electronic machine, the ball may not be visible to the eye as in the case of physical structure but the end result is based on the variables that comes out of physical wheel.If you make good use of the following guidelines, you are on your way to becoming a top earner in roulette game:

  • A system of roulette that is physics based can be applied to win more on roulette if you can apply the method rightly.
  • Get it right from the start don’t just download your game on any computer, get the right computer by doing your home work very well so that you won’t be scammed by seller.
  • Download software game that is compatiblewith other electronic devices like android, Microsoft etc. so that you can be able to access your game anytime
  • Don’t just install any software, go for recommended stimulators that will aid your winning at all times.
  • When you are making use of an online casino and you feel you need free trials, do that with the aid of a webcam to ensure you have a perfect knowledge of how the game works
  • You can make use of online casino that has spin with a constant frequencies so that you can have  predictable outcomes
  • Play your game only at online casinos that has a legal backings with good reputation because some of these online casinos cannot be guaranteed sometimes.
  • Don’t place bet much money, start with small amount of money and be patient till you have a perfect understanding of how the software works
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Good Roulette Tips That Increase Chances of Winning

Learning the rules of play is very important to all roulette players.Study existing systems and find out which systems work and which don’t. This article offers good roulette tips which have been studied carefully, tested repeatedly, and proven time and again.

Play against real roulette wheels

Don’t waste your time and money playing roulette in online casinos. They’re impossible to beat because they use software roulette, not the real wheel. It’s more popularly known as RNG (or random number generator) roulette and the winner is determined by a computer. It’s a slot machine complete with computer graphics to simulate a real roulette wheel.

Master the types of bets

Although roulette has several betting options, there are two main types – inside and outside bets. A player must master these bets, and totally understand how the concept of bet type works with the payout system and the concept of probability.

A bet on a single-number has a 1/37 chance or probability of winning. If the number wins, this bet is paid 35 chips plus the original bet, the highest payout in the system. Bets on large groups of numbers, such as dozens, blacks/reds, columns and odds/evens, have a higher chance of winning, but will have lower payouts.

Select the European roulette wheel

The European roulette wheel should be your choice if the casino offers both this and the American versions. The main difference is in the extra slot for double zero in the American wheel. This is very significant because it decreases the chance of every bet you make on a number. To illustrate, a bet on a straight made in the European wheel has a 1/37 (2.7%) chance of making a spin. The same bet made in the American wheel has a reduced chance of 1/38 (2.63%) because of the extra pocket. That’s another way of saying that the odds are against you winning a spin (36/37 and 37/38). With the same payout systems used for both roulette versions, the house has a bigger advantage with the American roulette wheel.

Take advantage of wheel bias

Defects on manufacturing or design in roulette wheels can cause wheel bias. A pocket that is very slightly bigger than the others will cause a considerable bias. This minute imperfection can cause the wheel to spin certain numbers more often than others, and a discerning player can make this predictability work to his or her advantage. While many methods are being touted to effectively beat roulette, this method is a very discreet method for sustaining your winning advantage.

Most professional players actually use this concept of wheel physics to consistently spin a win in the game of roulette. The fact that casinos spend thousands on software to analyze wheels and detect biases is proof enough that these biases can cause significant losses on the casinos’ part.

Use a device to analyze rotor speeds

The house edge is something that roulette players have to overcome. By using an electronic device that measures ball and rotor speeds to predict the winning number, a player can very well pull off a significant advantage over the casino.

Since these computer devices only predict game results without directly interfering into the play, they are deemed legal in most casinos.While this is true, it pays to maintain low profile because the casino has many methods at its disposal to prevent you from winning continuously.

Study the dealer’s signature

Casinos know that dealers or croupiers can develop a signature in the way they spin the wheel and throw the ball. This makes some spins predictable. This is also the reason why their assignments are regularly changed or rotated. Study the dealer’s signature, analyze if this signature affects the ball’s bounce and distance covered before finally settling. Make neighbor bets in accordance to your observation of likely physical areas landed on by the ball.

Stop misconceptions about roulette

Some players may have won with pure beginner’s luck on their side, not with the best roulette strategy. Winning in the long term, however, is only possible with good roulette tips that work, such as the methods involving wheel physics. Avoid methods that don’t involve this concept. Here are some misconceptions that you have to stop if they are included in your roulette gambling repertoire:

  1. Martingale – this involves doubling the previous bet size after a loss, with the hope of recovering money lost in the previous rounds. Increasing your bet size will only increase the amount of risk you place on a particular spin, and further deplete your bankroll.
  2. Labouchere –this is still a betting progression system similar to Martingale, which guarantees nothing but the speedier depletion of your bankroll.
  3. Thinking that something is due to come out – after a series of blacks, some gamblers believe that a red is due next. Others also think of this as a streak of black, and another black is in the offing. Nothing could be farther from the truth, of course. The probability of either a black or red is actually the same for both colors.

The key to success in the roulette table depends so much on what’s physically happening between the wheel and the ball, and not so much on betting strategies. Those are the basic factors that determine which number or slot the ball will settle on. All roulette success stories and all good roulette tips involve a form of wheel physics. If there is a sure way to beat roulette, it is with physics.