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Roulette Facts That Prove this Game Isn’t For Everyone

Are You Brave Enough to Bet After Learning These Roulette Facts?

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As one of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette has been the subject to loads of calculations and analysis since its inception back in the 17th century. It’s one of the first casino games that players are attracted to and is also a game that comes with attractive winning opportunities once you understand the rules of the game. You can find roulette in every online and land-based casino around the world and you’ll usually be greeted by a magnitude of variations in the process.

Even though roulette is considered the queen of the casino, it has taken plenty of players over the years to the cleaners, only to see those players return for more punishment which is one of the main reasons why the game remains so popular across the globe. It’s a game that people love to hate and there are tons of significant reasons why roulette enthusiasts continue to test their luck on this historical game. Players have created roulette computers, unique betting systems, and countless calculations in an attempt to beat the game only to fall short and try again. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some interesting facts that will prove why this game is not for the faint-hearted.

Roulette is Misunderstood in Movies

Most players around the world believe that roulette is a fairly easy table game to cheat on. Players believe this because they’ve watched a couple of television shows or movies that gave the impression that the dealer, or croupier, had some influence over the outcome of the roll. Casablanca is without a doubt the most popular example we can use to prove this fact.

Rick decides to help a young couple after they were mistreated by the local authorities. He tells the husband that he needs to place a bet on the number 22. Rick then gives the dealer a signal and the white ball ends up in the number 22 pocket. Rick informs the young husband to continue placing bets on 22 and wins again. Unfortunately, there is no way you can get the ball to land in a specific pocket because there’s just way too many variables. You will need a superpower like telekinesis to get this right. The exception is if magnets are used, although you’ll need the casino’s collusion with this.

Even Money Wagers Are Not a 50/50 Proposition

If you were under the impression that wagers on odd or even, red or black, or even high (19-36) or low (1-18) provided a 50% chance of winning, think again! Most players believe that they have a 50% chance of winning when placing wagers on bets that pay even money in roulette. However, this is not entirely accurate. When you look at a standard roulette table, you will notice that there are 38 possible outcomes. Two of the 38 outcomes are located outside the even money bet parameters.

If you enjoy playing American Roulette, you will have a single zero and a double zero. Both these numbers are coloured green as opposed to black or red. The single zero and double zero don’t count as odd or even on a roulette table either. Therefore, if you make an even money wager and the ball lands on the single zero or double zero pocket, you will lose. You can easily calculate the probability of this bet by simply taking the number of outcomes divided by the numbers of ways in which you can win. There’s 18 red outcomes from a total of 38. Therefore, the probability of winning an even money wager is 18 divided by 38 which will give you 47.37%.

Online Casinos Are Convenient

It should come as no surprise that European Roulette and French Roulette are considered the most popular roulette variations in the world. However, prior to the inception of the internet you had to travel to your nearest land-based casino to enjoy this wonderful game. Unfortunately, if you were not situated in Europe at the time, you couldn’t play either of these variations and if you were located in the United States, you could only enjoy American Roulette before different variations were introduced to the country. Thankfully, that all changed when roulette made its way online.

When roulette transformed into an online casino game it attracted more players than ever before. Not only was it widely available, but it also provided lower stakes when compared to land-based casinos which meant that more recreational players could test their luck on the game. It also allowed players across the globe to play different variations that they’ve never seen before, including French and European Roulette. These new variations even provided better house edges, greatly improving your chances of winning. This is not just roulette that experienced these positive outcomes, but basically all casino games in the online gaming environment.

Gamblers that Claimed Millions Due to the Roulette Wheel Bias Technique

Betting systems aren’t always consistent when it comes to playing roulette. However, a technique called wheel bias seems to be one way to make a profit while playing this intriguing game. The technique involves searching for imperfections on the roulette wheel by observing every single detail and keeping track of it.

Once you can determine that the wheel favours a certain selection of numbers, you can make a fortune. There are a handful of players over the years who have made millions thanks to the wheel bias technique. However, before we go through the list, please keep in mind that most online casinos don’t usually have any imperfections on the roulette wheel and land-based casinos frequently change the wheel to avoid wheel bias techniques. Biased wheels still exist, but are rare.

  • Joseph H. Jagger: As a textile industry businessman, Jagger managed to determine which roulette wheel at Monte Carlo favoured specific numbers. During 1873, he decided to send 6 clerks to Monte Carlo to record roulette spins. He then analysed the data and found that one roulette wheel was bias. Thereafter, he made his way to Monte Carlo and won around £60,000 which translates to around £5 million today.
  • Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo: Gonzalo decided to recruit his family to assist him in recording roulette spins at casinos across Barcelona during the 1990s and found that one of the roulette wheels was bias. He managed to make a fortune before he was banned from casinos in Spain and decided to make his way to Las Vegas where he managed to make even more money thanks to the wheel bias technique.
  • Bill Walters: This American entrepreneur and his computer team researched several roulette wheels across the United States. They eventually found a bias wheel at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City during the mid-1980s. The team managed to make millions of dollars before Golden Nugget Casino banned each and every one of them.

Always Look for the Lowest House Edge

When it comes to using a strategy, it’s recommended that you search for a roulette variation that offers the lowest house edge to increase your chances of winning even more. There are loads of factors to consider when choosing roulette, but the house edge is definitely one of the most important aspects. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most popular roulette variations and the house edge for each of them.

  • Mini Roulette: 3.85% or 7.69%
  • American Roulette: 5.26%
  • European Roulette: 2.70%
  • French Roulette: 1.35%

It’s difficult to find French or European roulette tables at land-based casinos when you don’t reside in Europe. Fortunately, you simply need to search for these roulette variations online to find a wide variety of online operators that offer this game. Don’t forget to use the La Partage rule while playing French Roulette to get the lowest house edge possible.

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