Internet Roulette Tips Should You Participate In Internet?

Computrs surrounding globe and roulette wheelMost players want to play roulette online. After all, it is appealing to win money from the comfort of home. But the average player is unaware that it is literally impossible to sustain winnings at many of the so-called honest online casinos. This page will help you determine which online casinos can legitimately earn you a regular income with an effective roulette system.

At the time of writing, I have approximately 1000 players that I have personally taught professional roulette techniques to beat the casinos. I manage what is widely considered to be the largest online community of professional roulette players. A large part of it are my roulette forums at genuinewinner.com/forum, rouletteforum.cc and vlsroulette.com. Excluding the players that I have personally taught, I have come into contact with literally hundreds of thousands of avid roulette players. As such, I have heard many different stories from many players. Most relevant here, are stories about online roulette casinos. We have come to learn that many online casinos are rather dishonest, and have procedures that make consistent winning literally impossible. This page will discuss some of what Internet casinos do. I’ll also provide details on how to know if an online casino is honest. After all it is difficult enough to beat roulette, without needing to worry about whether or not the casino will actually honour payouts or provide fair play.

Dishonest Online Roulette Casinos

Many the online casinos operate from jurisdictions where gaming laws are rather liberal. This means they can get away with just about anything, and still do it legally. While I’ve heard of players be subject to many poor practices from online casinos, three particular situations happen very frequently. In fact I hear about them on almost a daily basis:

The player wins only with play for fun accounts: many casinos provide their prospective new players with free games to test their systems. The player may find that the system worked very well. But when they actually deposit real funds into their account and play for real, their winning streak ends. This is because the player is essentially playing a computer game where the casino can do anything. There is no real or physical roulette wheel. The game outcomes are determined by a software random number generator, which is essentially the same as a slot machine. Where there is no physical roulette wheel, the casino can produce any winning number they want.

Refusal of payouts: a growing number of casinos are actually refusing payouts. One of the biggest offenders is William Hill, and they are even a public company you expect to have integrity. Specifically they ban or restrict consistently winning accounts, and there have been many reports of payout refusals, claiming the player somehow breached an obscure rule.

Rigged odds: as you may have suspected, some casinos specifically rig the actual results. If you research actual software used by some casinos, you can see it is fact. So say for example you profit on a winning streak with small bets, then make a few big bets, you lose. This is very frequently a deliberate and calculated act. More specifically, some of the software used by supposedly reputable online casinos are programmed to offer payout amounts based on what other players have won or lost. This is great for online roulette casinos, because the operators don’t wake up in the morning to find that the have lost $30,000 from one player’s lucky bets. Luck isn’t involved with such online casino software, and it doesn’t get any more unfair for the player.

Where to play online roulette

The following guidelines will help you determine which online roulette casinos are honest:

1. Only play against live webcam roulette: with such roulette, a real roulette wheel is involved rather than a software game like a slot machine. The only real roulette involves a physical wheel and ball. Software roulette is just fancy animations that trick the player. I know it is much more appealing to have spins occur very frequently, but it comes at a heavy price.

2. Be aware of the casinos legal jurisdiction: many of the online casinos are based in countries such as a Costa Rica. As such, they can get away with cheating the player, legally. Carefully check the terms and conditions to see where their contract is in effect. Do not be fooled by casinos that use Internet domain names that indicate the casino is in a more familiar jurisdiction.

The Internet is still like the wild west. It is largely unregulated and you can be scammed from people anywhere in the world, and you can do nothing about it but try to avoid scams. Because of the many complaints I have received from players over the years, I started a website at reportcasinos.com that allows any players to report unfair conduct by online roulette casinos, or any of the other online casinos. You can also use my roulette forums to ask other players about any particular casino.

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