Roulette Bots That Help Win Roulette

A roulette bot is PC software that automatically applies a roulette system at an online roulette casino. Many bots are also capable of collecting information about a wheel, without the player needing to be present. Such bots are especially helpful for collecting large amounts of data required for professional roulette systems.

Essentially a roulette bot is just software, and you can program software to do just about anything. It should be noted that bots and related software are banned by online casinos. A few years back, a group of professional roulette players won approximately $1 million by using a bot. The online casino refused the payout claiming that the player was active for many consecutive hours, and that such sustained play would only be possible with a bot. And since bots are against the casinos rules, the casino refused payout. The matter was pursued legally by the players, but due to a legal technicality, the matter was never heard inside court and the player was never paid.

Shown right is a screenshot of a free betting bot. It is free provided by Sam from www.rouletteforum.cc. More about this bot and the download link are at the bottom of page.

Roulette Wheel Data Collection by Using Bots

For any bot to be profitable, of course the roulette system itself must be effective. Additionally, for a roulette system to be effective, sufficient data from the roulette wheel must be obtained. So the first prerequisite for a bot to be effective is that it is capable of collecting suitable information. No specific roulette bot is capable of achieving this, although other automated software is at least capable of automating part of the process. Details of this software are available in my player only forum at www.genuinewinner.com/forum

Nevertheless, there are bots available to our players that are capable of collecting sufficient data for the application of some of our techniques. Such techniques are not as effective as our most powerful methods, such as the JAA software. The upside is that application is rather simple. Specifically the bot is capable of determining the wheel direction of spin, the winning numbers, and which dealers are spinning. Data can be placed into a text file for later use. The use of this particular data collection bot is not part what you receive as our player. It is available through our partner at a small subscription price which is exclusive to genuinewinner.com players.

Roulette betting bots

Betting bot automate the process of actually betting. Such a bot is made available at no extra charge to my roulette system players. It is used in conjunction with the automated analysis software, otherwise known as the JAA software. The JAA software does the analysis to find the roulette wheels patterns. The resulting data from the software is then loaded into the betting bot, which then automates the betting process. Details of how this bot works and exactly what it does is only available to genuine winner players. Use of the bot has forced some online casinos to change the procedures of their live WebCam roulette. Nevertheless, the bot remains effective and is one of the many free tools provided to genuinewinner.com players.

Click here to download a free betting bot. This is not the same one used by genuinewinner.com players but it has a similar function. See the video below for instructions:

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