Internet Gambling Venue that Dont Pay Payout

Casinos make their money from losers. They of course don’t like winners. Not only do they not make money for the casino, but they cost the casino money. As it’s very easy for online casinos to track your winnings, IF you win consistently, you will be banned – plain and simple. If you continue to lose, then of course your account will stay active. So if you want to earn a significant amount of money via gambling online, not only do you have to beat roulette with a winning strategy, you have to avoid detection if you want to keep your money! . . . Now that’s what you call a lose-lose situation. As I say quite often, beating roulette is one thing, but beating a casino is entirely different.

While the clear majority of my students play in real casinos, I still have many who play exclusively online. As such, I have been privy to detailed information on the various casinos – I know which have refused to pay citing various "excuses", and which appear honest.

The casinos that have refused to pay winnings are mentioned on this page. However first I’ll explain the two types of online casinos:


Irrespective of what you WANT to hear, it is impossible to beat random number generator ( RNG) casinos, that is online casinos where they use actual software like a computer game. Most people want to play these type of casinos, but take it from me it absolutely impossible. I’m so confident of this that if anyone can prove me wrong, I will happily pay them $1,000,000. The offer is completely real.

With RNG casinos, if you intend to take any kind of decent profit, not only must you first beat software roulette (impossible), you must then hope they don’t find some small excuse to deny you your rightful winnings. You might ask, what excuse could they possibly use? . . . after all, you won fair and square.

Well, read the fine print. In a growing number of casinos, it is actually forbidden to use progression bets. That is by increasing or decreasing the size of bets. Yes you read right. so technically, you must bet the same amount every time, or you may be forfeiting your winnings. These casinos know very well if you make the same size bets to play software, you literally CANNOT beat the house edge and win consistently. It is impossible.

My advice is stay well away from especially RNG casinos. Keep in mind they are usually based in third world countries with very unfair gaming laws. That’s why they are based there – so they can get away with murder.


These are casinos where you can still gamble online, but when it comes to a game like roulette, the wheel and ball is still real – you just view it all via webcam.

Now because there is real physics behind it, you most certainly CAN beat real wheels . . . In fact I have students of mine and even profit split partners that do it every day. Real wheels are beatable because there are real physics that determine where the ball lands. It is not solely due to wheel and ball speed – there are an enormous amount of factors that contribute to long term patterns that enable a player to beat and predict roulette.

There is a full list of live online casinos on my site, however so far the following casinos have refused to pay my players:

Casinowebcam.com: They’ve refused to pay on more than one occasion, for the same reason. They state that the player was analyzing the wheel, and that is would inherently alter the odds, which is against their terms of service. In other words, if you analyze a wheel’s patterns, you’ll be banned. Why? Because they know it works.

Londonscasino.com: Similar excuses to casinowebcam.com. However this casino even specifies in their terms of service that you are not permitted to use progression betting systems.

A full list of live online casinos, including what appear to be honest ones without unreasonable terms, is available on my web site. Submit your e-mail at the roulette system page for details.

Shown at our web site are photos of my full size professional John Huxley wheel. This is the wheel on which my systems and computers are developed on. I have two other wheels, although the one shown is used for the majority of testing simply because it is literally the most common wheel design in the world. I’ve also included a computer mouse in one of the photos to give you some scale of the size. Importantly, the wheel is regularly maintained to ensure no bias occurs and that the wheel is level. Biased wheels are easier to beat which is why they almost never exist in today’s casinos. My systems and computers have been developed on unbiased wheels, otherwise they would be useless.

To prevent tampering with the wheel to make spin outcomes more predictable (such as adding magnets etc), the wheel manufacturer (TCS John Huxley) uses a form of a security clip underneath the wheel rotor. To show my wheel has these security clips in tact, see the following photos:

To show I am not using magnets under the wheel or cheat by any method, you can also see the base of the wheel with the rotor removed at my web site.

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