How to Beat Roulette

Rapid roulette Alfastreet touchbetIt’s important to understand that any system, even random bets can achieve winnings. This does not mean that the system used is legitimately effective. Even if you bet only on black from 10,000 spins, it is possible you may profit, but most people will never play this many spins in their entire life. And you may be convinced that this rudimentary system works.

Is Your System Really Beating Roulette?

Putting this into perspective, say if 100 people all played the same system of betting only black. 55 of these players will have lost and see that their system failed. And 45 of the players will have won, and may be convinced that they have finally beaten roulette. My point of explaining this is there are always winners and losers. Just because you have won so far does not mean your system works.

If you selected 1000 random roulette players, very few would have any real idea about how to beat roulette. Perhaps a few will have heard of valid techniques, but still prefer methods that are easier, whether or not they actually work. I know when I began playing roulette, my first system was based on betting dozens. Of course I was convinced I knew better than everyone else, because after all I always seemed to leave the table with a profit. It was not until I played more frequently that I found how wrong I was.

What Does and Doesn’t Work

The majority of roulette systems are based around nonsensical patterns that only exist in the player’s head. Truly most players have no clue about how to beat roulette. A common misconception is that after 10 reds in a row that black is more likely to spin next. The reality is the odds have not changed at all, and that black and red are just as likely to spin as each other. This is of course assuming that the red and black pockets do not exhibit any physical imperfections that make one color more likely to spin that the other. But this is getting technical, and generally each color has much the same chance of spinning.

The point I’m getting at is most players design a system with ridiculous logic about why their system should work. More specifically, there systems are based on fallacies.

So what actually works, and where should you start if you are to develop a winning system? First of all, consider that roulette is all about a real wheel and ball. It has nothing to do with a table. The winning number is determined by where the ball lands. So focus all your efforts on determining why the ball lands were it does. Forget about mystical patterns that may or may not exist, but realistically you are not going to figure them out in your lifetime. Sure you can try, but you are likely to go bankrupt doing so.

Be more down to earth and use common sense and rational physics. All my methods to beat roulette are based on plain physics. Every method that has ever beaten roulette are also based on physics. The only techniques and systems that concern casinos, and force them to hire consultants, are based on physics. So it still amazes me how people try to beat roulette with anything else.

Aren’t Effective Systems Complicated?

Most people here the word physics and think it’s complicated. So they prefer to spend copious amounts of time on roulette systems that don’t work, and the player’s only method of testing is actual application. But the reality is to properly test system requires thousands of spins, and by the time you have tested over these spins, you will have made your loss and missed out on potential profits from a working system.

Generally the perceived complexity of physics based systems is deterrent. But such systems do legitimately beat roulette, and they are no more complicated than learning to drive a car. In other words it can take some time, but eventually it becomes second nature.

When I finally came to the realization that physics was the only way roulette can be beaten, for some time I felt disappointed because it would take more effort than I first thought. Of course it was preferable to take the easiest road possible. But like many roulette players, I pursued it with a passion and eventually came to the conclusion that roulette most certainly can be beaten with practical and easy techniques, but with limitations. For example, you can beat just about any wheel, but you can’t beat every wheel in all conditions. This is not the holy Grail, meaning you cannot beat roulette 100% of the time. Once you get over the fact that beating roulette is not a perfect science, you can come to understand that roulette can be beaten enough of the time to make a viable income out of it.

The Evolution of Roulette

20 years ago, systems to beat roulette only need to be simple, such as the visual ballistics taught for free on my website. But as wheel designers got smarter, the techniques needed to become more complicated. And the increasing complexity meant the difficulty factor increased. By the time I had developed systems that kept up with modern wheels and conditions, it had reached the point where it was too difficult to be done manually and needed the assistance of computer software. The initial stages of this software were a combination of different software packages. And when I began allowing others to use it, it was just too complicated for many people. For this reason, I spent a lot of time with my developers to automate the major processes. The end result is the JAA roulette system software capable of almost complete automation to the point where a new player will achieve exactly the same results as an experienced player, from day one. Effectively we succeeded in making complicated techniques very simple to use. I have little doubt that this software is the best way to beat roulette with bets before the ball is released. However, the overall best way to win at roulette is to use roulette computers as explained at www.roulettecomputers.com.

Which method to beat roulette is best? This depends on the conditions where you play. The major consideration is of course that roulette computers can only be applied if the player can place bets after the ball is released. This is because the predictions from the computer rely on timing the ball and rotor speed.

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