Alfastreet Roulette | How to Beat Automated Roulette Wheels

Alfastreet Roulette Wheels are a brand of automated roulette wheels. They are beneficial for casinos because the wheel spins more frequently, and players often like them because they have their own private betting terminal. These particular wheels have been around for a while and are among the first automated wheels.

How to Beat Alfastreet Roulette Wheels

I first got to know Alfastreet roulette wheels from one of my roulette computer players, who sent me an hour-long video of recorded spins. He requested that I advise him on what settings to use in order to beat the wheel. So I carefully assessed the countermeasures that were being applied. An example of a countermeasure is that the rotor speeds will change after no more bets is called, which is intended by the manufacturers to make professional methods obsolete.

What I did find that the wheel certainly did apply countermeasures, and while some did reduce the possible edge of the player, some had absolutely no effect on the player’s edge at all. This indicated to me that the manufacturers did not properly understand what makes roulette beatable. At best, they have a vague understanding, likely based on consultants that only know about older techniques.

Using the video provided by my player, I tested my roulette computer against the Alfastreet Wheel, and found it to be incredibly easy to beat despite the countermeasures. You can see the actual recording of this test my roulette computers website.

Evolution of Alfastreet Wheels

As these wheels became more popular throughout Europe, my players were consistently beating them. It took about one year for the manufacturers to release a software upgrade that was designed to reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of my devices. Were they successful? Unfortunately to a degree, yes. However, using the software I provide to my players, it is quite easy to determine the settings that are used on the wheel. And this will advise the player whether or not the wheel is worth playing. The settings on each wheel will partly determine if the wheel can be beaten with a roulette computer, and the settings are determined by the casino staff.

But there is also another major factor: every wheel is different, and subject was own minute imperfections that are inevitable. The casino staff may be convinced that particular settings for one Alfastreet wheel are suitable for another. The reality is using the same settings on different wheels can uncover predictable patterns. Usually they can be exploited by my roulette computers, but more often they can be exploited by my automated JAA software, which allows the player to place bets before the ball is released.

Beating Other Automated Wheels

is more all players became aware of the countermeasures from automated wheels, they became distrustful and generally feel the countermeasures are no different to the casino cheating. This loss of trust overall has lost casinos revenue, because the less people that play, the less money the casino earns. Clearly the majority of players are consistent losers, and there are only a small handful of professional players. To deal with this issue, the wheel designers have released a particular design that is spun by a real dealer, but the rotor speed slightly changes after the dealer calls no more bets. This way the casino has the benefit of convincing their players that the wheel is natural and unaltered, while having the advantage of modifying the spin results. As per the legal definitions, this may actually be considered cheating, although it is unlikely that government prosecutors will charge them for something like this.

Either way in most cases, these kind of countermeasures do affect the edge obtained from roulette computers. Sometimes it makes no difference at all depending on how the wheel is designed. However, it is easy to assess a wheel to determine if it’s countermeasures are likely to reduce your edge. You do need particular software for this, which is provided to all my players free of charge.

As awareness of these top of wheels is spreading, the casinos are likely losing revenue because of lost trust from players. So while they may be slightly protecting themselves from professional players, the overall impact of their income may defeat the purpose.

Do these countermeasures affect the JAA software and its accuracy? Almost always no, because its accuracy is not derived from precise measurements of the rotor and ball. Instead, the relies on long-term patterns that occur from the fixed physical properties of the wheel. Alfastreet roulette wheels are no different, and inevitably will generate long-term patterns. There are valid countermeasures that these wheels could apply that would make my system almost completely ineffective, but applying them is likely to make casinos ultimately lose more revenue that it’s worth. Perhaps the casinos know this, which is why their first line of defence against professional players has always been and probably always will be detection and banning of consistent winners.

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