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Double 0 roulette advice plus suggestions

American roulette tips and tricks is essentially no different to European roulette advice. Any professional roulette player will tell you to avoid American roulette because it uses the additional 00 pocket, and therefore the possible player edge is reduced. So as a rule of thumb, try to avoid the 00 or American roulette wheels, and focus on the single zero European wheels.

American roulette pro tips

But if you have no other option and require American roulette wheel tips, then consider the following. Ultimately the physics on American roulette wheel is identical to that of the European wheel layout. That is to say that each of the wheels can have dominant diamonds and wheel defects can be advantages.

If you are seeking American roulette winning tips for an online casino, first consider that software roulette where the winning number is determined by a computer rather than a physical roulette wheel is not really roulette in any sense. The winning number is determined by software called a random number generator.

The software from the online casino will have its fancy animations with the 00 wheel, all with the intention of giving you a realistic kind of experience. But essentially all you are doing is playing a slot machine with pretty pictures. What’s worse is some online casinos that offer American roulette do not even have random outcomes. Specifically, the game outcomes are predetermined and based on what other players have won. So you may have a player that has recently won thousands of dollars, and the casinos software settings forbid any further payouts until this money is recovered. This means that you could have the best system in the world, and you will count for absolutely nothing.

If you find this difficult to believe, and don’t think casinos could get away with this, I suggest you carefully review the sales material of the casino software that many of the online casinos use. This is because it specifically lists this particular feature. I’m not saying that all American online roulette casinos will use this kind of software, although it is extremely common.

If you are looking for specifically American roulette betting tips, I suggest you make use of the betting race track which is frequently used on American roulette betting tables. This is because your bets can very easily represent particular sectors on the American roulette wheel, thereby making the application of pro roulette techniques easier. If you are seeking American roulette tips UK, then it would be with reference to the single zero European roulette, and not the 00 version. This is because often roulette in general is called American roulette, whether or not the single zero wheel layout is used. In some countries like Australia, 00 roulette wheels are still used although you will find the amateur players at it, because they are unaware of the significant disadvantage they have over the European versions.

Ultimately as my final American roulette betting tip, avoiding the 00 wheels is not a hard rule, because you only have a slight disadvantage over the European wheel. If you find an American wheel that exhibits usable patterns with an advantage play or professional roulette system technique, then this may give you an overall edge that overcomes the initial disadvantage.

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