Learn how to play roulette for dummies

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The actual game began in France and roulette actually means little wheel, which is the first hint to playing roulette. You are actually playing against the wheel, not a betting table. There are many articles that discuss how to play roulette, and this will cover some of the basics.

Types of bets

First consider the bets for roulette, again keeping in mind that roulette is really about a roulette wheel, not the table. The two main types of bets are inside bets and outside bets. The casino will supply small cards that tell you the type of bets and payouts for roulette. Basically wherever you put your chip represents what you are betting on. For example if you bet on the first dozen, labeled 1 to 12, this means you are betting on any number that is between one and 12.

The outside bets include the dozens, 1 to 18, 19 to 36, evens odds black and red. For inside bets, you can bet on groups of three numbers, four numbers, two numbers or one number.

As an important rule of playing roulette, outside bets are doomed to fail eventually. The only type of roulette bets that have a chance of winning in the long term are the inside bets, such as individual number bets known as flat bets.

It is important to know the odds and payouts for roulette, for which I suggest visiting the site in the link. American roulette, which offers the single and 00 pockets, has a significantly larger house edge that works against the player. For example, the single zero European wheel has a -2.7% edge against the player, and the American roulette wheel has double. So where possible, try to play the single zero European roulette wheel.

Playing the game

First find a table that is not too busy. It can be very frustrating when there are too many other players at the table, and you can barely reach across the table to put a bet on the table. You also need to consider the table minimums and maximums, which are the minimum and maximum bet sizes.

You will need to convert cash into casino chips you can place on the table. This is usually done by placing money on the actual betting table in between spins. The dealer will take your money and ask you what type of chips you wish to purchase. Try to avoid the coloured betting chips if you are a professional player, as they assist casinos to track your bets. And as a professional player, it is important to avoid detection because the casino can ban you for any reason they want.

Once a spin ends, the dealer will call place your bets, after which you can place whatever chips on the betting table. In most casinos, the dealer will then spin the wheel and you will still be able to place bets as the wheel is spinning, until the last few revolutions of the ball. Then the dealer will call no more bets, and any bets placed after this moment are automatically rejected.

Getting payouts

Once the ball comes to rest, the dealer will announce the winning number and place a little marker on the number. The dealer will then place the payout chips next to any winning bets. For example, if you bet on black and win, the dealer will place an equal amount of chips next to whatever you bet. Only when all payouts have been completed can you access your chips.

Roulette can be a very addictive game so remember to keep your gambling habits under control. Playing professionally is very different to playing on a vacation at Vegas. Professional play for a living is possible and has been achieved by many individuals, but requires a lot of dedication and time. One of the most important parts to keep in mind when playing roulette, assuming you intend to earn a living from it, is that your roulette strategy or system must revolve around the physics of the real physical roulette wheel. Roulette actually has nothing to do with the betting table itself, which is only a platform for placing bets.

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