Online Roulette Strategy That Works

This article discusses an online roulette strategy that works, and it helps you avoid the pitfalls of playing roulette online and give you the best chance of walking away with a profit. It is not regarding a betting system which is a different thing to a strategy.

The Difference Between An Online Roulette Strategy, And A Winning Roulette Rystem

The system is designed to win, whereas a strategy pertains more to aspects such as money management. However, many people consider a roulette strategy and a roulette system to be much the same thing.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Online Roulette Strategies

Be Wary Of Bonuses

if you are betting system requires short-term play, then you should not accept bonuses as appealing as they may appear. This is because they come with strings attached. For example, the casino may require you to have wagered a specific amount before the bonus is paid. This ensures that you play long enough to have lost enough money to make the bonus worthwhile for the casino to give. Even if your betting system is designed for long-term play, the acceptance of bonuses can be a problem because long-term behaviour in your betting style can reveal to the casino how you are winning.

This is not to say that you should never accept a bonus, because there are in fact ways to virtually guarantee profits by accepting bonuses from different casinos. Although this will be discussed in a separate article.

Consider The Requirements Of Fund Withdrawals

Beating roulette is one thing, but how you intend to be paid from the casino is an important part of your online roulette strategy. If you overlook this, your winnings will sit in your account, and you will have no way to access them. An example of this is if you create an account with a fake name, this may backfire when the casino asks you to provide identification documents before any withdrawal. There are a few ways around this. First and most commonly, the player will provide a fake name and fake identification documents. This is not without risk because you may be breaking the law by doing so. However, many of my players do this anyway because it’s not as if they are committing fraud. It is a victimless crime and prosecutors are unlikely to do anything about it because they have more important crimes to deal with. I’m not suggesting you forge documents. I’m just saying that this is what many players do when they want to hide their true identity. Ultimately the aim of the player is to consistently win, but under different names so they may avoid banning.

Another option is to pay people from various countries to set up the accounts for you. For example, you may pay a player from India, who will set up an account in their name, using real ID. You will simply use their account, and they will forward funds to you. This has been done by many people, and it has proven a viable strategy for withdrawing funds. Of course the success of this strategy also relies on the honesty of the person you hire, and you may only be able to use this person once.

Hit And Run, Or Sustained Play

A successful winning roulette system is one thing, but a strategy that covers other aspects is another. Let’s say assuming you have a winning system, that’s your first problem solved. The next problem is how you are going to win without being noticed. Every casino carefully monitors what players are winning. They don’t always care how you are winning, they only want to know who is winning and in inordinate number of times.

In a real land-based casino, it is typically smarter to win a series of smaller amounts, but over a longer period of time. But in an online casino, the smarter strategy is to win larger amounts in a smaller period of time. This is known as the hit-and-run approach. Most of my players that have won large amounts online have used this approach. The main benefits of it are that you don’t need many different accounts, you dedicate less time, and the casino considers you just a lucky high-roller. The downside is it can draw attention to your style of play, and notify the casino of predictability of their wheel. However, provided you don’t do it you often, it is more likely that the casino will consider you to be plain lucky. Again this is because you are playing fewer spins, and do not give the casino and enough data to ascertain exactly how you are winning. After all, winning over 50 spins could be luck. But winning over 1000 spins is likely to be more than luck.


A game the difference between an online roulette strategy and a betting system is significant. Strategy is more to do with money management and everything other than the actual betting system itself. If you are looking for a winning roulette system, thenĀ visit www.genuinewinner.com which has a free course.

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