gambling addiction

Tips to Battle Gambling Woes

Online casinos have led to a revolution in the gambling industry. When at first people had to travel to play in casinos, they can now do the same from the comfort of their homes. While there are several advantages to this, the ease of playing has resulted in cases where things have gotten out of hand.

Playing on online casinos works on two different levels for everyone involved. For some customers, it is a place to entertain themselves with different games. For others, it is a mode for making money. The trick though is to keep within limits. Online casinos provide a holistic experience, but overindulging can lead to grief. In the cases that it does, there are ways to tackle the problem and get back to being a well-balanced individual.

Admit You Have a Problem

The most important and first step in battling gambling addiction is admitting to it. Many people think that they can quit playing whenever they want, but are unable to eventually. An excellent way to figure out how addicted you are is by trying an online-casino detox for a few days. Monitor yourself and see how bad is the itch to get back. If you can’t manage it, it is time to take the next step and work on beating the addiction. This way, you reach a point where it doesn’t necessarily control you, but you can still enjoy its advantages.

Know Your Options

Although self-excluding yourself from online casinos helps control your habit, it is also good to know that you have other options available, should you want to get back into the action later. Casinos not on Gamstop are typically offshore organisations that have more open policies and have been known to give better benefits to their customers. The entire idea of self-regulation is not to entirely cut yourself off, but form the right equilibrium. These non-Gamstop online casinos can help you test the waters whenever you are ready. 


Gamstop is a UK service that allows players to ban themselves from online casinos. An initiative that might seem a little direct, it has shown signs of success since its inception in 2018. The authorities are trying to get more and more casinos onboard to join Gamstop and in some cases even forcing them. However, there are many loopholes in Gamstop that make it vulnerable, and not as useful as one might think it is. Still, it’s a good step to take if you feel it is the best way to stop you at the time.    

Learn from Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, and life is all about learning from them. If you, at any time, went overboard with your gambling habit, try and understand what went wrong and where. Were you in the wrong company, who put pressure on you to play? Did you hide your habits from loved ones that resulted in no one noticing or helping? Or was it an escape from the real world that seemed to do the trick? A little bit of introspection can help you keep the balance, so you continue to enjoy gambling, but this time, within limits.

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