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Fun and Unusual Facts About Roulette

Amongst the most popular and social of casino games, roulette has for the longest of time fascinated players with life-changing victories. There are, but a few games that are equally enjoyable as a player and a watcher, and the excitement around roulette is so infectious that you are often likely to find a higher number of people around the table watching others play than the ones actually in the game.

Even though most enthusiasts are aware of roulette and would know of its basics, there are elements to the game that are a little mysterious and unusual. Moreover, roulette is quite versatile in its approach and makes for the perfect social, fun, and sophisticated game that breaks the mould of the seriousness associated with poker and blackjack.

Here are some interesting facts about roulette and reasons enough why it is such a famous casino game.

A Devilish Game

There’s a reason why roulette is known as the “Game of the Devil”, and it has nothing to do with playing it. In fact, it is because all the numbers on the wheel add up to 666 that it gets this name. Might sound a little sinister, but it really only adds to the enigmatic charm of the game.

Beating the Game

Just like any other game, there are always people trying to beat the casino in the hopes of making a significant profit. If its all about counting cards in blackjack, scientists have been known to beat the house in roulette using chaos theory. There have been cases where individuals, over decades, have done this, whether out of luck, an issue with the wheel, or through computers, but it’s exciting to see who, between the player and the casino, eventually comes on top, in the end.

Online Magic

Not surprisingly, roulette is amongst the most played online casino games. Moreover, since it is such a visual game, casinos have been working hard to incorporate technology and make it livelier for the player at home. 3D roulette has had phenomenal success in recent years, and with VR coming into the picture, we can only expect better things. However, before you jump in, do spend some time understanding the various roulette odds and payouts along with bonuses that leading online casinos offer to make the most of the game and your winnings.

European Vs American

Unknown to many, there are two versions of roulette played around the world. The European version is more favourable for the players since it has only one 0 green spot as compared to two in the American version. On land, there are fewer chances of finding the European option, but online casinos often carry both. While it is essential to strategise your play for a round of online roulette, make it a point to select the European version as it reduces the house odds by almost half.  

Men Vs women

Men tend to have a majority when it comes to gambling in general, and you’ll find that to be true for most casino games. Except for roulette where the ratio is almost even with 46% women indulging in the game.


Roulette oozes sophistication when played in real life. The advantage of online casinos is that you can enjoy a game in your pyjamas while munching on chips, but in an actual setting, you cannot have food or drinks on the table. Moreover, the money is always exchanged on the table, but you never give it directly in the dealer’s hands. Furthermore, it is considered rude to throw the chips on the table.

Astonishing Wins

Whatever may the odds be, there have been a few occurrences when the results of a roulette game have been astonishing, to say the least. At Las Vegas Rio Casino, for instance, number 19 came on the wheel consecutively seven times. In a similar case, a casino in Bristol noted 36 continuous reds before the ball finally landed on a black pocket.

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