Gamblers Who Got Rich

When gambling online, most punters confess that their main aim is to walk home with as big wins as possible. Among the coveted winnings online are those provided by progressive jackpot slots. Some progressive jackpots like in 40 Super Hot slot have impressive amounts ranging in the hundreds of thousands while others hold staggering life-changing amounts in the millions. The latter comes with the smallest chance of being won, and it all trickles down to good fortune.

Aside from slot machine games, lotteries are known to carry even bigger wins that range in the tens and hundreds of millions, which means they come with an even slimmer chance of being landed. As much as such big wins are quite rare to come by, some punters have had been struck by life-changing luck to land the wins and join the elite class of the rich and wealthy. Some of the winners in both land-based and online casinos that have had fortune smile down on them are:

Gloria McKenzie

Gloria C McKenzie stands as the luckiest winner to date being the largest single winner of the United States Powerball Lottery back in 2013. At the time of the win, McKenzie was 84 years old and residing in a not so well-off town in Florida. The grandmother bought the winning ticket in a local supermarket in a surprising twist of fate when the person in front of her let her go first. McKenzie beat impossible odds of one to 175 million to collect a win of 590 million dollars. She has since traded her house for 1.1 million dollar luxury home but still maintains her life away from the public eye.

Collins and Chris Weir

Lotteries carry the biggest wins in the gambling realm, and even with the fat chance of landing them, Collins and Chris Weir counted their lucky stars in June of 2011 when they ended up winners of the Euromillions Jackpot. This couple, who had been together for thirty years at the time, took home 161 million pounds, which is the biggest amount that has been won in the jackpot to date. They are said to have been living lavishly ever with luxury cars and other items for not just themselves but close family and friends as well. The couple has also been generous to their favourite soccer club, Partick Thistle, and have been making donations in the hundreds of thousands. A charity was also founded using the lottery win dubbed The Weir Foundation, which kicked off with five million pounds.

Jon Heywood

Away from the world of lotteries, slot machine games are known to carry some of the biggest jackpot prizes, which is among the reasons why they remain so popular even though they have some of the worst odds. Numerous jackpots have been collected over the years since the entry of progressive jackpots, but none of them as big as that of Jon Heywood. In 2015, this Betway Casino player landed the biggest slot win in history playing the Mega Moolah slot game by Microgaming. The amount stood at 17,879,645 euros. Jon, a soldier in the army, took to helping out his family with pending medical bills and confessed that he would be treating himself to a new set of ritzy wheels and other finer things in life.


Some ways in which progressive jackpot winnings are collected sound unreal and that was the case with the Paf Casino player known only as Fin. This gambler is said to have been an avid player of the poker sets, and on 20th January of 2013, he decided to try his hand in online pokies instead. Not willing to risk too much, he picked the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt, which has a long history of big jackpot wins. With stakes of only twenty-five cents, he took to spinning the reels, and by sheer luck, the jackpot prize was hit. Even with such a paltry amount on the line, Fin managed to bag 17,861,080 euros. When asked, the lucky winner described the moment as so surreal that it drove him to both laughter and tears at the same time.

Norwegian player

Mega Moolah made yet another gambler in Norway rich with a staggering amount in the pooled jackpot. The Norwegian punter says they had trouble sleeping one night in September of 2011 and decided to pass the time playing the Mega Moolah slot only to win a massive jackpot prize of over 11,736,000 euros. The bewildered player has quite the startle of not only taking home the big prize but also landing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The list of gamblers whose life have taken a complete U-turn thanks to winnings goes on and on, and those listed above are the most significant in both the lottery and slot realms.

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