Best Roulette Strategy Comparison – Roulette Progressions

roulette-wheel-043Roulette is considered to be a game of chance and being a hundred percent sure that you will win this game would be impossible, but you certainly can increase your odds of winning the game. There are actually many strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning roulette. The best roulette strategy for you must include a money management technique, and a bet selection method.

At the moment, there are a lot of strategies that are flooding the web, making it difficult to choose the best one there is. As a guideline, it is good to assess the mathematical probability behind the strategy before you start applying them. There should be proof that this strategy would actually work, if not it is not well worth your time.

Here’s a list of some of the worst and best strategies out there but be sure to understand them first so you can modify them and use them to your advantage.

Kavouras System (doesn’t work)

This is a roulette strategy that is not too popular since it was properly tested on the creator’s forum. The rationale behind the best selection was as follows:

  • Including several numbers, in fact, the system has 20 numbers.
  • Bets are made chaotically across the wheel. This way, the dealer won’t avoid your sector as bets are not focused on just a specific sector.
  • The bets are different for each number, some bets are lower, some higher.
  • Each bet offers a profit.

In this system, the betting is quite varied and it’s chaotic. However, if you want to learn how to play roulette wisely, you cannot consider this strategy. Since you bet on several numbers and you make hits often, you can make adjustments on your bet in different ways, making this strategy flexible but it makes no difference because it doesn’t have accurate bet selection. This is still a simple strategy because you don’t have to keep track of the roulette spins, the results and you don’t change your bet. All you have to do is to bet on 20 numbers constantly.

For instance, when you are playing single zero roulette you can make a corner bet.

  • One unit on the following numbers with one unit payout: 0-1-2-3.
  • Two units on a Double Street Bet with a four unit payout: 31-32-33-34-35
  • A five split bet with one unit each on the following numbers with a ten unit payout for each split: 8-11, 13-1,15-18, 17-20, and 27-30.

This betting strategy can be used on both tables although it is best applied on European roulette. To some, this could be the best roulette strategy if you want to lose.

Oscar’s Grind/ Hoyle’s Press: Great Betting Method for Even Chances (doesn’t work)

This strategy is heavily grounded on strategy in positive progression. This is known as the Pluscoup progression in French and in German and was developed for bets on even chances, e.g. High, Low, Odd, Even, Black, Red). Needless to say its application is not only limited to that as it can be used substantially for all types of bets including Streets and Dozens with a few modifications. The intention on using this strategy is for the gambler to win a precious unit.

This strategy follows a certain trends. Since in roulette, players often have winning or losing streaks, bets are increased slowly until the player is on a winning strict. The rules for this strategy are basically:

  • When your bet wins and you win a unit, you stop the session.
  • If you lose, bet the same on the next spin.
  • If you win, add one unit to your bet but you can decrease your bet to reach your goal.
  • Each session is considered as finished when you get a profit equal to one unit.

Is this a good strategy? No, it loses too. It is intended for conservative players and among other weaknesses, losses occur when the player faces short streaks of alternate wins and losses.

Martingale Progression: Most Popular Roulette Strategy (doesn’t work either!)

If you want to lose, this is the best roulette strategy that relies on positive progression. Its intention can be summed as doubling bets until you win. This system relies on the fact that ultimately, you will win and earn one unit after recovering all of the bets that you lost. Advantage play roulette can still use this strategy because it already has an advantage.  Usually, this strategy is used in bets on evens. However, there are instances when you are in a long losing streak and you already lost all your money. In this case, using this system will not be any good unless your bankroll is unlimited and there are no table limits.

There are many criticisms for this system such as the fact that it cannot take advantage of a winning streak although this progression allows you to recover all your losses with just a single win.

Of course, there are also modifications of this strategy such as the use of a Stop Loss. Although a system of stop loss is ideal as it limits loses, it also limits the winnings.

More aggressive applications of the Martingale system are also in use wherein bets are doubled and one unit is added each time the player loses.

What Does Work?

Roulette betting progressions are not actually why a roulette strategy fails. They fail because they do not at all increase the accuracy of winning number prediction. Unless you increase prediction accuracy, no progression will ever make a difference, except that changing the bet size only makes you win either faster or more slowly than usual. The only approaches that increase the accuracy of predictions involve physics, with the best 5 roulette systems explained at

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