Slot Machine Secrets You Need To Know

Slots machines are designed to take advantage of human emotion to make casinos money. Most players are unaware of how they are being manipulated.

Keep in mind the slot machine is a computer game. And like any computer game, they can be particularly addictive. Even more so with a phone casino, because you can play anywhere and anytime. But you won’t lose real money with most computer games.

This article lists the top ways slot machines manipulate players:

Sound Effects

If you only listen to a slot machine, you may think you are winning lots. Many of the sounds appear to be big wins, but in fact are only minor wins.

It may sound like a series of beeps and bells, but the specific tones and music are scientifically crafted to keep you playing and losing money. The intention is to make you believe a big win is pending.

Free Spins and Bonuses

Most modern machines have features such as free spins. It’s only natural to think free spins feature gives you a better chance of winning. But in fact any features or bonus rounds provided by the game are factored in to the overall edge the casino has over you.

Put another way, the payout from a slot machine without a free spins feature is unlikely to be any different from any other slot machine. In most cases, the casino can vary the payouts. For example, some casinos set higher payouts to machines in highly visible places. After all, the casino wants other players to see big wins, which encourages other players to bet more.

Just Missing Out On Big Wins

Remember everything about slot machines is designed to keep you pumping in coins. Slot machine designers know you will keep playing if you expect a big win. So if you see various icons align, except for perhaps one, you’ll think that you almost won. In reality, anything can happen in a computer game. Anything can be made to look like something else.

If you believe you had a near big win, the natural thing to do is put more coins in and chase the win you just missed out on. But did you just miss out, or was it made to look that way?

The Illusion of Skill

Luck has nothing to do with skill. You might think that the timing of button presses has an influence on whether you win or lose, but you still have a negative expectation over time. There is one small exception which is discussed in another article. Basically when physical reels are used, or digital representations of physical reels, when you press a button to stop a spin has a direct influence on the icons that align. But with multiple reels, you rarely have any influence over anything except when the first reel stops. So the first reel may stop on demand, when you press the button. But the subsequent reels may stop at a random time, or at times specifically to give the casino its edge.

Even in cases when a slot machine gives you a choice of what to do, the game outcomes are still reading the casino’s favor. So while you may have a choice and the illusion of skill, your choices are between bad and bad. Naturally if your decision pays out, you may conclude that you made the right decision. But really whether you win or lose still has the same odds as before.

Frequent Wins With Small Payouts

Some machines go for some time without any win, and then have a large feature win. And others have a series of small wins. Different players have different preferences. Therefore slot machine designers cater for the variety of different players.

Especially when you see regular flashing lights, and hear winning sounds, you can be fooled into believing you are winning. But watch your bankroll slowly erode, for a clearer idea of where you’re heading.

It is important to understand that all gambling is long-term. Yes you can win in a short period of time, but casinos do not think in terms of what happens over one or two spins. They think in a much larger scale beyond individual players or machines. The only time individual machines or players are relevant is when they are behaving in a way consistent with advantage play. Basically advantage play is any legitimately effective approach that gives the player an edge over the casino.

Can You Profit From Slots?

If you’re starting out with slots, perhaps try this slots no deposit offer. But be aware that the free games you get may not have the same odds of winning as you do when you wager real money. Whether or not this is the case varies between casinos.

Whether or not you can win depends on the machine you play, and the approach you use. On the vast majority of slot machines, it is simply not possible to beat the casino over the long-term. Keep in mind the more you play, the more likely you are to lose your entire bankroll. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to profit over perhaps twelve months of slot machine play. You might have gotten lucky a few times and won large payouts. This may counteract a series of small wins you have had. You may assume that your approach or system has beaten a slot machine. Put another way, some players win, but the vast majority of players lose. The casinos need the occasional winner to give hope to other players.

The illusion of an effective system is probably the most dangerous illusion in the casino. It affects all games and gamblers. Again it is entirely possible, and even probable, that at least some players will be winners even over thousands of spins. Does it mean their method has been more effective? Not at all.

If you are interested in professional methods that do work, slot machines are not your best choice. But if you are attracted to sounds and flashing lights and find slot machines appealing, be realistic about the end result and considerate entertainment rather than a source of income. Sure you may win big, but the odds are strongly against it. If your intention is to make money from casinos, research advantage play or join a gambling discussion board to learn from other members.

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