French Roulette Tips to Win

The roulette game was first introduced in France. Its present forms are the European or French roulette and the American roulette. Both versions are essentially the same, with slight variations in the number of slots and arrangement of numbers. The former has 37 numbered slots, which includes a single zero slot. The latter has 38 numbered slots, including an additional slot for double zero.

The French or European roulette wheel has fewer slots than the other wheel type; hence, you have a slightly higher probability of winning with this type. To further help you in winning this game over an extended period of time, here are very useful French roulette tips.

Understand random chance

See the european and french roulette tips so you understand the systems that work. The concept of probability and random chance must be clear to you from the start. If you bet on a straight (a single number), the probability or chance that you win is 1/37 (2.7%). The probability or chance that you lose is 36/37 (97.3%).

If you bet on a split (2 numbers), the chance that you win will increase to 2/37 (5.4%). The chance that you lose is 35/37 (94.6%). As you can see, these probabilities only change with the number of bets you make, not with the amount of bets you wager.

A bet is always an event distinct from previous or future events. It is unaffected by a series of reds or blacks, or odds or evens, before it.

With this very basic understanding of the probability concept, you now know that it would be wise to bet moderately especially when you’re losing.

Know the payout system

See the odds of roulette to fully understand the roulette odds and types of bets. Take time to study the payout system. It follows a general rule – the higher probability a bet has, the lower its payout.

A single-number bet has a 2.72% probability or chance of winning. The payout for any winning number made on a single-number bet (0 or straight up) is 35 chips plus the original bet (or 35 to 1).

A six-line bet has a 16.2% probability or chance of winning. The payout for any winning number on a six-line bet (6 numbers) is 5 chips plus the original bet (or 5 to 1).

Learn about the house edge

The house edge is closely related to payout and probability, and you can’t continue to the advantage play without learning about the house edge.

The casino will always have an edge or assured profit in every bet placed on their tables. There are many ways to illustrate the house edge, but here is a simple representation easily understood from the bettor’s perspective:

Every time you bet on a number, you expect a payout of 35 chips if the ball lands on it after a spin. There’s a probability of 1/37 that it will happen. This probable win can be represented as:

35 chips x (1/37) = + 35(1/37)

However, there’s also a chance that you’ll lose your bet of 1 chip. In fact, there’s a probability of 36/37 that you will lose. This probable loss can be represented as:

1 chip x (36/37) = – 1(36/37)

Therefore, a bet has a realistic expected value of:

35(1/37) – 1(36/37) = 0.946 –0.973 = -0.027

This negative value means that every bet stands to lose 0.027 chips, and this is the same value that casino owners stand to win with every bet. This is also known as the edge which makes casinos profitable.

Under the En Prison rule, this edge is reduced to -0.0135 when the wheel spins a zero on even-money bets.

For a professional player, the house edge must be recognized. It is also obvious that -0.027 is the house advantage on bets placed using random chance. Take note that this is not a very significant value. A winning probability that is slightly higher than 1/37 will actually increase this expected value and turn it in the player’s favor.

Focus on predicting the winning number

The secret of tipping the edge in your favor lies in increasing your accuracy of predicting the winning number. These French roulette tips will considerably improve your accuracy:

  1. Study various wheels from the manufacturers’ website, especially in terms of wheel designs. Learn which designs tend to have imperfections.
  2. In the casino, practice with several wheels before settling on the table to place your bets. Also be aware that casinos periodically changed the position of their wheels to prevent players from familiarizing or detecting imperfections in wheels.
  3. Carefully inspect the wheel for biases or tendencies. Make bets according to these tendencies.
  4. Observe the croupiers and watch out for patterns or signatures. Detecting these patterns will increase your accuracy in predicting the winning number and sway the edge in your favor.

Veer away from misconceptions

Forget the James Bond system for roulette and systems like the martingale betting system because they don’t work.

Don’t be distracted by fallacies and misconceptions. Strategies that work around the amounts you bet may help you manage your bankroll, but they don’t necessarily increase your winning chance.The Martingale system of betting involves doubling the bet to regain previous losses. The Labouchere system involves betting progression and is essentially a similar method.

Another method that doesn’t work is the belief that a color is due after a series of spins resulting in the other color. Having learned about probability of a distinct event, it remains the same regardless of past “streaks”. Rely on scientific and physical factors, not on perceived streaks.

Be inconspicuous

Once you start winning, your goal would be to keep your winnings. The key to this is to avoid detection by the casino staff and owners. Win modestly; don’t be greedy. Most casinos require identification papers for cashing in winnings above a threshold, so cash in below the threshold.

As you have set out before playing, win for the long term. Master these French roulette tips. Take time to study and strategize. Never forget to properly test your system and you can use the free roulette game to play without any risk.



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