Flash Tweening Tutorial

In Adobe flash the tween is a computer animation that is developed by specifying a worth for an item property in a single keyframe and an additional value for that exact same property within keyframe. Adobe flash calculates the values for the property between those two structures. The term tween originates from the text “in between”.

There are many kinds of tweens, such as:

  • Classic tweens (using the actual older Timeline animation method),
  • Movement tweens (using the Movement Editor and movement paths), and
  • Form tweens (the consequence of drawing two individual vector shapes and distortion someone to another).

Along with tweening motion, you are able to tween filter systems, color results, and openness.

Items which can be tweened consist of movie clip icons, graphic icons, button icons, and text areas. The properties of those objects which can be tweened are the

  • 2D x as well as y position, range x and y, skew x as well as y
  • 3D z position (movie videos only)
  • 2D rotator (around the z axis), and THREE DIMENSIONAL x, y and z rotator (movie videos only).

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