Casino Jobs That Pay Best

Roulette DealerCasinos typically employers of vast amounts of people. While they do create a lot of problems in society, they are a source of income for many people. It’s like they create thousands of problems, but solve a few.

Nevertheless, which casino jobs pay best? Obviously owning the casino would be best, but you need a few hundred million dollars and to know the right people. A supervisor position only comes with years of experience in the industry, and usually also knowing the right people.

The best income you can expect from starting at an entry level is a casino dealer. You need a clean criminal record, or rather no criminal record at all is what I mean. You also need a pleasant physical appearance, although of course that’s not something they will tell you in the interview because of antidiscrimination laws.

However, if you become a casino dealer, you may find it a bit distressing to see many people lose their money. Many dealers find this very difficult to deal with. It is not uncommon for players to take their frustrations against the dealer, although of course you have security to protect yourself. Having worked in the casino industry for many years, I personally suggest not getting involved. The gambling industry is full of undesirable people, and generally the people you will encounter will not exactly enrich your life. However, the upside is if you do your job right, there are opportunities to advance, and job security is reasonable because casinos always tend to survive even in difficult times. That’s because when times are tough, many people turn to casinos to make quick money. Whether or not you want to be part of that is up to you.

One other option is to become a professional casino player, although this itself is not exactly easy. However, if done right can earn a wage much greater than even the most experienced casino supervisors. A recommended system to win at roulette is at www.genuinewinner.com/truth/

How Pay is Structured at Casinos

Casinos are like any other corporation, so they have employees and wages, with some having various perks. Again the casino operators and the shareholders are the people who make the most money. If the casino is a public company, then the shareholders are paid dividends which are reflected by the profit made by the casino. If the casino is private, then the private company shareholders receive the benefits. In Australia, corporations are taxed at a flat rate of 30%. So if you owned a casino as a private company, you would pay 30% tax unless the corporation, which is a different entity, paid you a wage in which case your tax rate would be higher.

However, most casinos are public entities that you can buy shares of. For example, if you owned 10% of the company, and it earned $100 million in profit, you would be entitled to 10% of this.

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