Basic wardrobe articles every woman should have

It is a challenge for most working women to manage a classy look everyday yet save the dollar in the pocket.

To achieve this we suggest keeping at least five basic wardrobe articles that you can mix and match, creating different looks every day.

These pieces are worn more than any other so buying them at a nice place is always a good investment.


  • Pair of great fitting jeans that you can match with different shirts every day and still look fresh and classy
  • A white dress shirt is a must have, for a classic look even when you wear it with your jeans
  • A White t-shirt, you can never go wrong pairing a white t-shirt with any bottom and layer it with other pieces for several different looks
  • A little black dress for the special nights, but make sure it’s made with fabric you can wear even in the winters and not feel cold.
  • A Trouser pants in mute tones; you can pair it with the dress shirt and go ultra-business or use with a blouse or a sweater and look stylish with an air
  • Lastly a blazer, make sure it’s a season less fabric so you can have an all year round option of suiting up with a dress pants and shirt or keeping it cool pairing it with jeans.

Once you have these you can experiment with adding accessories to bring in a little more of the ‘oomph ‘factor.

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