Roulette device up for sale

See How a Roulette Computer Team Won £1.3 Million In 3 (Also download video from Basically roulette computers are hidden devices that measure ball and wheel speed to predict the winning number. They are by the quickest and most effective way to beat roulette. They are legal in approximately half of casinos, but you must apply […]

Temporary roulette device price reduction

There is a temporary price reduction for our most advanced roulette computer (besides the Hybrid version). Full details are explained below: We have started development on a new roulette computer. For now we’re calling it the “Uber 2″. The original Uber version (Uber 1) uses the most advanced algorithms possible to beat modern roulette wheels. […]

Simple roulette strategy that works

If you’d like to know how simple our roulette system is to use, see the new video at It includes some screenshots of our software and explains the basic steps involved. Beating roulette requires extremely sophisticated analysis, which would normally be too difficult without the help of software. Over the years, we have developed our […]

Why most roulette people not profit

Most roulette players have no idea about winning at roulette. I see it every day on roulette forums. Consider this: There are two players at a table. They both wait until there are 10 reds in a row. Player 1 says: “Ooh, red is on a streak. I’ll bet red next”. Player 2 says: “Ooh, […]

Coloured staking units vs standard units

Most roulette tables have two types of betting chips: coloured and standard. Coloured chips are of a specific colour (ie red, blue, green etc). When you buy chips from the croupier, you can choose the colour, and it makes it easier for you to know where your bets are, and which wins are yours. You […]